Reflection of ePortfolio Jiahao deng

Prompt 1

To date and as a result of this ePortfolio and research process, what has been the most interesting part of the experience? What has been the hardest part? What have you learned that will facilitate learning in your other courses?

When I finish the ePortfolio, I get different feelings from the results of the ePortfolio. Firstly, for the interesting part, i feel the most interesting part of the experience is that ePortfolio makes me do something i may never do, like searching information and finding supports which related to my topic as well as in this searching process, it always gives me knowledge which i never know. I feel it can be said useful part rather than interesting part, since ePortfolio brings us more useful things. It teaches me how i think about a topic, how i create my own questions about my topic and how and what i should find the sources in internet or real life to support my topic. All the ways are significant and useful for me and rest of my studying life. In additional, in this process, i also face many problems, but i think the hardest part for me is choosing a topic. Actually, when i choose my topic, i feel really confused, since i am not sure if it is general, thus, i change my topic again and again, which makes me annoying. If i make sure a topic, i feel that searching sources is not really difficult to me. Through this ePortfolio and research process, it makes me learn more about my major and program as well as it helps me to facilitate learning in my other courses. The experience which i get from making ePortfolio is also useful for me to learn other courses. For example, I learn the ways used for searching sources, the evaluation criteria of a source and the accuracy of a source. Meanwhile, I learn how to cite a quote and the importance of academic integrity. These all i learned are useful to my other courses and help me to facilitate learning in other causes, since although it does not give me the professional knowledge to other courses, it teaches me how to study.

Prompt 2

Which page or tab, and artifact are you most proud of and why? What would you change – how and why?

What would you change – how and why?

Write a recommendation that might help a future ESLA 1900 student succeed with their ePortfolio assignment

For my ePortfolio, I feel the third page of my ePortfolio is my most proud one, since for this one, it is creative and the content of this page is diversiform and good. In this page, i introduce my topic and find some different sources to support my questions and topic, which is academic and useful. Also, the most proud artifact is the one in third page, since in that artifact, it carefully shows to others a detailed process which is about my thought. In additional, the logic in this page is really clear as well as i choose different sources, like videos, pictures, and some websites to support my topic. If i can change it again, i will see the feedback from teacher to review what i do on ePortfolio. Meanwhile, i will add more creative and different things to make my page more beautiful, since i feel it is a little bit monotone if i put this page to compare with someone’s ePortfolio. In the future, I hope the new ESL 1900 students can make the content of the ePortfolio correct, then give ePortfolio some decoration. And i hope students pay more attention on the content of the ePortfolio.

Prompt 3

What is your view on technology and language learning with respects to ePortfolios? For instance, what connections can you make between the Research & ePortfolio process and language learning?

The language learning includes four parts, which are reading, listening, speaking, writing respectively. When we do the ePortfolio, i think it is useful for us to mainly improve the writing, reading, and listening skills. When we do the ePortfolio, we need to find the sources, which helps us to improve the reading skills. After we find the sources, we need to analysis if this is useful and we need to paraphrase this sources by our own sentences, which help us to improve writing skills. In additional, there are also some listening documents, like a video or audio, and we need to summarize it. The connections between Research & ePortfolio process and language learning is that ePortfolio is a good way and useful tool for learning a new language.

Learning Artifact

Actually, when i do this artifact, i feel a little bit confused, since i do not know what should i do and what kind of artifact i should do, like making a video or audio, but finally i make a table like this. I feel this artifact can support my reflective responses as well as this artifact shows a process which i think. I list many factors when i think of my reflection, like my different courses, languages skills and so on. These are some necessary factors which i feel they are important. Also, i put my economics book and math book at here, since when i think of the learning reflection, i think the language learning also should connect with other courses. The more important thing is analysis and personal thoughts.

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