Fundamentals of Art By Nicole French

1st quarter

Thematic Library Window Mural

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Collaborate to design a painted mural on the windows above the library. Your design will be based on the FSD annual theme and will positively influence the FSD community
Reflection: During this project, I had slowly realized that to get a nicer image, teamwork and communication must be there to set the base foundation. Overall, I am happy with what my group created, it was a fun experience.

“Be Heard” Speaking up can cause a chain reaction and make a great change in the world. Considering this, there will always be at least one person to listen or to lead the change. Our mural illustrates this message by showing the man on top of the podium, as he influences the large group of people surrounding him. As a whole, we enjoyed working together to express the overall purpose of the mural. We also enjoyed coming up with “chainge” as a play on words, indicating the chain reaction. By: Lucy Chiapa, Alexa Fisher, Nikki French, and Cullen Hanlon‍‍‍

Drawing lessons

Pre-Assessment/ Base Line Drawing

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Create a reproduction of your chosen image (flower, tiger, or eye) by using graphite pencils on paper.
Reflection: Overall, I believe that my drawing needs a few tweaks, otherwise it is representing my abilities at the time. I am usually a slow artist, and this took time as well. Drawing the tiger made me realize where I was as an artist.

Draw a person

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Draw a person and self assess what drawing level is evident.
Reflection/ Assesment: Personally, I think that my drawing of a person could range in between schematic and dawning realism. I was only given a few minutes to draw, which added a lot more onto my need to finish; it looks nice for such a short amount of time.


ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Practice the drawing strategy of switching to right brain dominance while accurately drawing the reflection of the face.
Reflection: This assignment was definitely something I wouldn't mind not doing again. Yes, it was fun and entertaining, but it was pressuring to try and make it as similar as I possibly could.

Upside Down Drawing

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Allow your right brain thinking strategies to dominate while you accurately draw your chosen image upside down.
Reflection: This upside down drawing is personally one of my favorite assignment products. The head is a little rough, but overall it looks nicer than if I tried drawing it right side up.

Blind contour and contour line drawing of hand

ᏴᏝᏆNᎠ ᏟᎾNᎢᎾᏌᏒ ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Without looking at your paper, record all of the edges of your hand. Your goal is line specificity.
Reflection: During this mini-assignment, I found it amusing that I was completely off anybody Part I tried to create. The second photo was supposed to be my friend, Jesse, and I think it is funny to look at.
ᏟᎾNᎢᎾᏌᏒ ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Use the grid lines on the plexiglass view finer to help you replicate your contour line drawing of your hand. You are aiming for accurate proportions and line specificity.
Reflection: As I worked with the small grid, it helped me with placing shapes where I'd like them to be at. Using lines to block off a section really worked for me.

Five contour line drawings of objects from observation

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Increase your accuracy of proportion, foreshortening, overlapping, congruity, and specificity by practicing drawing contours of a minimum of 5 objects.
Reflection: I believe that my lighthouse is the best drawing out of them all; it has the most ornate features and lines. I do admit, that you can see where my focus lay in each different photo.

Blotted contour line drawing

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Transform your most interesting and best contour line drawing into a blotted contour line drawing inspired by Andy Warhol's graphic design work.
Reflection: Using the ink and colored inks were a blast for me. I loved learning how to differentiate the opaqueness of the color, seeing that I had troubles at first, the project looks nicer than before.

Negative space of a ram

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Train your brain to observe and record the shapes and angles of the negative space with the intention it will increase the accuracy of the positive space.
Reflection: Using the colored background helped me out when I was able to create shapes and other figures to create a ram. It may not look the best, but the strategy did help me out.

Skeleton tracing on ipad

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Select a section of the skeleton that is just above your comfort challenge level and utilize the rule of thirds and touchs 3 sides of your paper to create a dynamic composition.
Reflection: This assignment took me time to try and get every single contour line. And I still wasn't able to get them all. It still looks nice.


ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Apply your knowledge of right brain dominance, contour line techniques, negative space, and rule of thirds in order to draw a strong composition of the skeleton in proportion.
Reflection: I look at the two photos and realize that I went off path from my picture, but I still likes how it ended up. I find it harder to go from observation, but I completed it in the end!

2nd quarteR

Inspirational icon

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Pay homage to an inspirational icon of your choice by transforming a photograph into a segmented portrait with colored pencil.
Reflection: Overall, this assignment is the project I am the most proud of. It has definitely taught me that timing is key.
Claudia Alta “Ladybird” Johnson I chose Ladybird Johnson because she is an icon to all. She held office for her husband during World War Two and when he had a heart attack, both times Johnson was able to keep the staff and order running smoothly. With her heart, Ladybird visited over 33 foreign countries as an ambassador and stayed active in keeping native wildflowers. This wonderful woman was an activist for women's rights, seeing she was supportive of the Equal Rights Amendment. Ladybird Johnson has kept her legacy strong; she was honored the Medal of Freedom, the highest honor a citizen could receive and was given the Congressional Gold Medal as well.

Inspirational icon mind map

One point PERSPECTIVE boxes

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Practice the rules of linear perspective by following the verbal directions on how to draw boxes in both 1 and 2-point perpective.

Two point perspective boxes

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Practice the rules of linear perspective by following the verbal directions on how to draw boxes in both 1 and 2-point perpective.

MagaziNe perspective activity

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Draw the perspective orthogonal lines to DISCOVER the vanishing point(s)and horizon line. Label all three and attach additional paper if necessary.

Perspective iPad activity

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Visually identify how the rules of perspective function in our every day environment by labeling the orthogonal lines, vanishing point, and horizon line.

Reflection: I liked the perspective activities, working with the shapes helped me with my geometric objects. Overall, I don't think I'd need to do that again.

Value scale and gradiation worksheet

Geometric object graphite value drawing with zinger

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Apply your knowledge and skills of creating proportion, perspective, value range, hard edges, soft edges, and value gradations to create an illusion of a three-dimensional environment on a two-dimensional surface.

Final "geometric object graphite value drawing with zinger"

Reflection: This project was stressful, to say the least. It taught me how to try and fix mistakes that may seem impossible, but are. Overall, I don't want to do that ever again.

"You as who?" Self portrait

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Apply your knowledge and skills of drawing to create a realistic self-portrait of you imitating a chosen individual. You are in charge of choosing someone to imitate, preparing your props and facial expressions for the camera, and executing a unique artwork.
I chose the girl closest to the camera; I felt she would be more fun to imitate. My friend chose the other girl and we will be able to connect the portraits through the string.
Reflection: Overall, this is definitely a project that takes time and patience. This has taught how much my work has helped me come to this point.

1st quArter Sketchbook Assignments

iPad insert

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Use the template paper provided to design an original "your name" artwork to be displayed in your ipad case.
Reflection: As I created my insert, I realized how quickly a person could run out of ideas for tiny little bubbles. Even so, I was able to represent myself, a loud, changing person.

Exploration of Procreate app through transforming a selfie

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Explore the Procreate app by transforming your selfie into a unique and visually interesting image.
Reflection: For this drawing, I figured to introduce a horse that is dear to me; I think adding him gave my teacher a more of a look on how much I can shade if needed. Overall, I think that my body was not as well worked on as the horse.

My artful image: emphasis and visual movement

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Design and create an image that uses visual movement to guide viewer’s attention to your emphasis of a chosen image.
Reflection: I knew as soon as I took this assignment that I'd like to inspire this house from the song "The House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals. In doing so, I realized that even just putting light around a dark object can create non-moving emphasis.
ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Create a conceptually meaningful composition by using Procreate to transform the SCALE of chosen object(s). The change in SCALE needs to change the meaning or story of the image.

Scale and Proportion

Reflection: I wanted to create a photo that held a deeper impact than normal, and using real life events I realized can cause some emotion in the people viewing my photo.

Meaning of Photo: This photo is created to represent the danger out future generation has already seen as a child. The proportions of each photo were mixed around, creating the child larger than the problems. If we keep he hatred and anger us humans hold for each other, our future will grow into an even larger problem. This should not be a world children should live in; it needs to be fixed. In this photo, there is a reflection of flames in his eyes. It was added to visualize the fact that he is looking at this terror up close.

All things that flower

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Design a unique and creative composition relating to the theme, "All Things that Flower". Your artwork will be submitted into an art competition at the Tom Ridge Center.
Reflection: When I first heard of the prompt, my mind went to love and hope. Instantly, I started creating ideas in my head; all included a lot of shading. Using layers helped me out in the photo, or the picture would look less sharp as it does now.

Negative space: active transformation

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Activate the negative space by transforming it into part of the positive space. Find your own unique way of solving this problem.
Reflection: I believe this assignment was the hardest for me to create a photo for. I had ideas that just didn't work with the prompt, but I used ideas like the Ram to pull up an idea; it looks pretty good if you ask me.

Contrast and balance in the "o" design

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Invest an hour of “invest”igation into what you can transform this “O” design into while creating CONTRAST and BALANCE in your composition. I want to see how far you can push the design while maintaining the existence of the “O” form. What can you come up with? Surprise us all.
Reflection: This prompt was interesting, and it taught me how easy it is to contrast colors for emphasis without even realizing it. I felt that using two compete opposites, both in color and theme, would create a nice difference.

2nd quarter sketchbook assignments

Social comment for public view

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Pick a social cause that you feel strongly about and design an image to communicate your position on the issue. This is an opinion piece; it should express a view and try to persuade the audience (our class).
Reflection: This sketchbook made me think how I wanted people to see what I wanted to help. I believed we people are addicted to society; we always want to fit in, even if it hurts us.

Bully ball

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Use the clues in this paragraph to help you draw your own interpretation of the story within one image/page. "A big bully ball is chasing three paperclips through a bright meadow leading to a dark alley, which has seven hungry dictionaries rapidly flying out into the light. In the distance an army of pencils are marching in rows armed with angry balloons. The pigeons are laughing at the stray dog that is desperately chasing his teeth."
Reflection: This assignment was definitely a challenge to me. I prefer to have an idea that isn't too wacky, i had to decide where everything went just by that tinyparagraph.

Strange combos

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Create a dynamic composition by making the combination of that noun, verb, and adjective your emphasis.
Reflection: I found this assignment downright hilarious. I loved how everything we chose was at random, yet easy to create.

Before and after

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Extend the story line of a famous artwork by designing a scene which occurred before and a scene which occurred after your chosen artwork. (You can display this as a vertical orientation, like the example, or a horizonal orientation, like a comic strip)

Cartoon portrait

ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: Draw yourself as a cartoon character as if you were also in the TV show, movie, etc. Draw yourself in the same style as the animator did by repeating his/her visual schemas. (Example: Phineas has a triangle head, so draw your head in the shape of a triangle)
Reflection: I loved the idea of recreating self as a character in one of my favorite show. I believe this was my favorite sketchbook assignment overall.


ᏢᎡᎾᏴᏝᎬᎷ ᎢᎾ ᎦᎾᏝᏙᎬ: With whom, where, or with what do you feel most at "home"? Photomontage (artistically collage) at least 5 images of persons, places, or things which are reflections of your definition of your "home".
Reflection: Working in this sketchbook definitely gave me feelings I haven't felt in a while. I love how this last assigné,not was probably the most heartfelt.

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