RELEASE DATE: Friday, 14th June 2019

ON Friday 14th of June, in what could be the music collaboration of the year, Bantum, God Knows, Farah Elle and Ben Bix will release Strongest Thing - a track that’s lyrics focus on minding your mental health and the importance of self-care.

MC and songwriter God Knows speaks regularly on the topic of music and mental health, most recently on DCU’s Music and the Mind panel as part of Anam festival.

God Knows says: “Strongest Thing is about the voice in all of our heads when life gets overwhelming and you need to slow down; the motor has been running for too long without a check up. Working with Bantum and Ben Bix is almost second nature at this point as these guys are great friends of mine. It was a massive treat to work with Farah - she’s such a gem of a human! We wanted to put out a grounding tune that hopefully brings listeners back to earth and helps them focus on what matters most at the end of the day. ”

In a similar vein, singer and lyricist Farah Elle runs creative coaching sessions and workshops using music, poetry and movement to improve self-expression, performance anxiety, emotional intelligence and integration.

Farah Elle says: “Collaborating with Bantum, Ben Bix and God Knows opened my eyes to having fun with a tune despite - no matter what self-doubt happens as a songwriter. The time we spent together recording Strongest Thing and shooting the video were pretty nourishing."

Collaborating with prolific producers, the Choice Music Prize-nominated Bantum and Ben Bix (Meltybrains?, Sim Simma Soundsytem), brings Strongest Thing to a whole new level in terms of music production.

Bantum says: “It’s great to collaborate with God Knows and Farah Elle again after working with them both on Move in 2016. Ben did an unreal job with us on a remix of Loah’s called Keep Your Heart, so I was really excited to work with him again. Ellius Grace, who recently directed the video for April Brave (Bantum’s track with Loah), did an amazing job with the artwork too.”

Ben Bix says: “I love how music like this comes together. With Strongest Thing, everyone had a role to play in telling the story it tells - one of and it just wouldn't be the same if there were fewer storytellers involved.”

Strongest Thing will be available on all usual platforms from Friday, 14th June 2019.


God Knows is an Irish MC known for his vividly honest lyricism and his electrifying energy wherever he sets foot. Growing up, God Knows was inspired to pursue music thanks to his uncle, who was a famous Zimbabwean musician in the 1990s. It was music or nothing, so he started writing bars at the age of 12 as an outlet for that little voice in his head. His disparate influences, ranging from Lucky Dube to Pepe Kalle to Andre 3000, have helped carve an artist who is not shy to take on deep subject matter over fist-pumping anthems, or to lay bare his emotions over soul samples. In 2014, God Knows linked up with Clare producer/DJ mynameisjOhn to drop a critically acclaimed eight-track project titled Rusangano/Family and toured around Ireland playing support to international stars such as Run the Jewels and Snoop Dogg among others and making their presence felt on the Irish festival circuit. This was followed by notable appearances at international festivals such as Eurosonic and SXSW in 2016, leading up to the release of their album Let The Dead Bury The Dead along with frequent collaborator Murli Bo. The trio formed Rusangano Family and went on to win the prestigious Choice Music Prize for Best Irish Album for the 2016. Since then, God Knows has featured on tracks by Loah, Bantum, Sim Simma Soundsystem and many others before turning the focus to a solo project in 2019, lead by the single ‘CROWN’ featuring French artist, Awir Leon.


Farah El Neihum, known as ‘Farah Elle’, is a singer-songwriter, whose distinctive music reveals something of the beauty in the ephemeral everyday. Farah has eclectic influences, including Arabian echoes from her Libyan background. Based in Dublin, she moved to Ireland with her family as a newborn child. Her ethos as an artist is to spread positivity, compassion, creativity and growth into our society. Farah also runs creative coaching sessions and workshops using music, poetry and movement to improve self-expression, performance anxiety, emotional intelligence and integration. Farah Elle performs a combination of solo & full band shows regularly. She is currently working on her debut album; which is a concept album, due to be released in 2020. In the meantime, her single ‘Silk’ is available on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud. Some of her other work and collaborations, such as “Oh Honey”, a feature with American Hip-hop group CunninLynguists, and “Feel It Out” (a collaboration track with BANTUM), are also available on Spotify.


Ruairi Lynch is a Cork native electronic music producer who performs and records under the name Bantum. Mixing elements of electronica, funk, dance and hip hop, he has been releasing music for close to 10 years culminating in the 2016 RTE Choice prize nominated album ‘Move’. He has performed in Ireland, the USA and the UK and has held slots at festivals including Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Sounds from a Safe Harbour, It Takes A Village and many more. He'll be releasing a number of music projects this year with the likes of Loah and Jack O’Rourke alongside remix projects for HappyAlone and Conor Walsh. Ruairi will also be working on the upcoming short film ‘VOID’ directed by Ger Duffy and produced by Motherland Films.


Ben Bix is a multi-instrumentalist performer and producer. He plays in experimental pop band Meltybrains? and produces, performs and DJs with Sim Simma Soundsystem. An avid collaborator and music lover, he also runs his own private recording studio.

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