Justin Case school, Drool, and other daily disasters

Written By : Rachel Vail Illistrated By :Matthew Cordell


Justin is a 3rd Grade student who is really nervous about going to a new school, half the reason was because he didn't know anybody and the other half is because of the new teacher , Ms.Burns.


So I guess all that he was exited about was being in the same class as his second best friend, named Noah well things were still going to be hard enough on Justin because he has a new teacher a he was scared . Well I really hope he was not that exited about MEETING his new teacher , because turns out there was to many people in their class which means somebody has to leave the class , and you know who that person's going to be ........ Justin Now Justin has the most horrible teacher in the school Mrs. Termini . Justin's first day of school wasn't the best but as he went on further in the school year . He liked his classmates ...... at least some of them . His dad also gets him into soccer and his mom get's him into violin lessons , which he hates . So I guess you can say Justin goes through a lot of up's and down's , but at the end of the year everything get's a little better . The theme of this story is being nervous is OK because if you persevere you won't have a reason to be nervous because you already passed that hard obstical .


Him and Montana . C

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