A is for Africa. Africa is the second largest continent on Earth, south of Africa. Long before humans Africa was in Pangea but then moved.

B is for Berber. Berber is a tribe. An ethnic group indigenous to North Africa.

C is for Cape of good Hope. A rocky headland on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula. It's connected to Africa by having a blessing.

Desert- Sahara. A desert in Africa. Largest hot desert.

E is for Ebola. A disease in history causes major live losses. Ebola came from West Africa.

F is for Fang. Fang is a tribe. Fang is located in Gabon.

G is for Gold. Gold is a mineral. Gold is a valuable mineral for trading.

H is for Harp. A harp is in the "string" family. A harp is an instrument played in Africa.

I is for Islam. Islam is a religion. Islam is practiced in Africa.

J is for Jbel Ayachi. One of the highest mountains in Africa.

K is for Kingdoms. There is all sorts of kingdoms in Africa. One is Mali empire which is a kingdom.

L is for Lake Victoria. Lake victoria is the largest freshwater in the world! It is located in Africa.

M is for Mountains. Africa has a lot of mountains. Africa has 75 mountains.

N is for Nile River. The Nile RIver is the longest river in the world! It is a major north flowing river in northeastern Africa.

O is for Orange River. The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa. It flows westward to the Atlantic Ocean.

P is for Punu. Punu is a kind of tribe in Africa. The Punu tribe carves statues.

Q is for Quran. Quran is a religious text. The religious text is practiced in Africa.

R is for Radio African Song. It is a famous popular song. It is a person who talks about how Africa is in a bad condition.

S is for Salt. Salt is valuable in Africa. They use salt for the following, cooking, food, and to preserve the food.

T is for Tuts. 2nd largest caste. A very small tribe in Africa.

U is for Udu. A udu is an instrument in Africa. The Udu is made of clay.

V is for Villages. A village is a group of people. Africa is filled with villages.

W is for Woodwind. A woodwind is an instrument. The instrument is played in Africa.

X is for Xylophone. A xylophone is a instrument. It is played in Africa.

Y is for Yagura. It is 3000 ft tall and it is 59th place highest mtn rank.

Z is for Zulu. Zulu is an ancient tribe in Africa. The tribe was named after the tribe leader.


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