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Playground Basics

The Apps are popular depending on the rating people give. I think that what makes Apps popular is the theme and quality. There are many purposes for the Apps, for example, entertainment, to teach, to create and more. I think those purposes are what motivate people to keep downloading Apps.

The Apps I used the most are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Messenger
  5. Netflix
  6. Spotify
  7. Google
  8. 1010! (Game)
  9. Smule (Game)
  10. Skype

I downloaded each of these apps because I wanted to distract myself with something interesting and fun. All of these Apps are for social purposes and for recreation.

Naming and Identifiers

  • I have never been a girl with a great imagination to create new things, but I guess if I have to think about new ideas for different Apps, then I guess I could think of new thoughts.
  • I have just one idea for an App; lately I've been reading more about the news around the world, but most of the words are too complicated for me to understand the article. I think there should be an App where there are global and local news that are written in an easier way to understand for teenagers and even kids.


I think it's really important to who the different Apps are designed for. There are Apps only adults can understand, and there are other Apps targeted to children. For example: there are many Apps about news and social media that only adults can understand how to use (like: El Norte, Facebook, Skype, etc). On the other hand, most of the games are targeted to kids and teenagers (for example: Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, Temple Run, etc).

Hello World

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Messenger
  5. Netflix
  6. Spotify
  7. Google
  8. 1010!
  9. Smule
  10. Skype

All of these Apps are easy to understand and to use. I think the most complicated is Facebook since it has a lot of functions and options and more. Most of them are Apps that just requiere a button to work, and all of them have a tutorial before you start to use the App.

First App

Taking into account my first idea of the brainstorming, which was, to make an app that gives you the news in a easy-to-read way in order that everything can understand them. But the issue is the Crew: we need a lot of writers and and periodists in order that the content is original and avoid plagiarism, so we need to do in a very opened way a calling to writers that want to help to do the news, so we can make a special account to people that want to help the app and give them a salary


“My app will: The idea I have for a new App is to inform teenagers about news in an easier way for them to have interest to read and understand them.

It needs to exist because teens also need to be informed about what's happening to the world. Not all adults, parents, seniors have the enough information to keep their kids informed, so teens most read, and for that to happen, there most be an easier and interesting way to do it.


I am not interested of making a state of art app, but it may be interesting that my app of news would have a handoff compatibility, I mean that, all the success and account of this app, if you wish, it can safe a security copy in this cloud, in order that your comments are safed and your favorite news too.


Constants & Variables

Some ideas I want for my App are:

  2. Location
  3. Like button
  4. Share button
  5. Follow users
  6. Saved section
  7. My Section
  8. World's clock
  9. Help button
  10. Edit button


I think my App idea is unique, because there are no similar Apps. The only Apps I would find in the App store are News Apps. Many of those Apps are official. My App will be a little more complex but way more interesting.

Parameters and Results

My app is going to be designed with really simple and plain templates, because what I want to make showy are the news posted in the main page. I think the design would be in black and white colors and some purple for the buttons added in the menu section.

Making decisions

My app, as I said before, is going to be really simple and it would be very easy to use. Still we need a tutorial to let the audience know what else you can do in the app. I like how several apps have little tutorials to get into the app step by step. The app I remember that have a great tutorial when you start the app is Flipboard. In the caption on the image you can watch how you start Flipboard in Android (but it's basically the same in Apple devices) and you can see how simple it is; for example, to start you need to swipe up and then you can chose the categories you want to read about and after that the final step is to create an account. It's really simple and I want my app to have a similar start.

Instances, Methods, and Properties

When the user opens the app, first it's going to appear a background with the app logo, then first thing the user is going to see in my app is the main page with the new posts of different users.

I think my app will have few icons and graphics because what I want the users to focus on are the news.

I want the users to have the Help button just one-click away, so it's easier for them to understand more about the app.

The easiest way to communicate through my app is by using icons in the menu or in settings.


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