A day at the Harn by Chase Root

Artist's technique

At the Harn, the work of artist Cundo Bermudez is on display. To me these works really stood for the technique the artist used. At first glance the two pieces of art I am posing with seem like normal paintings, but when you read the title cards you learn they are really silk screen prints. This is interesting because they seem like such unique pieces of art but one hundred other copies at other museums and art collections world wide. When you seen these works in person, you can start to see how every little detail is perfect and how each line is so defined giving a hint that it isn't actually a painting. What really stuck with me from this was how he made this unique art a common piece. To me it seemed to be a comment on how nobody in society is truly unique despite how it might seem at first glance.

Design of the Museum

One of my favorite spots in the museum was the outdoor garden/pond area. To get to this area you have to go through at least two other exhibits, making it seem as if its hidden. Once you get there you can hear water running into the pond from a smaller pond and you can see all sorts of plant life. To me this seemed to be placed here not as an escape from the art but as an extension of it. After going through two exhibits, you have seen your fair share of art and this seems like a nice break. But to me this space seemed to put you in the shoes of the artist. Settings just like this one have inspired many artists, possibly even the ones in the previous exhibits. This area really stood out to me for transforming your mind from viewer to artist.

Core Values

The Guerrilla Girl exhibit was one that appealed to my core values. While I am not the group affected, I do strongly support equality as one of my core values. This campaign of artwork really helped me to see the lack of equality in art, something I wasn't really aware of before. The work feature above really stuck with me, as I never really realized that in most museums you really are only seeing half the pictures. Women artist can make just as great works of art so they should get equal representation. Also in this exhibit was a piece stating that almost every Oscar for best director has gone to a white male, showing this problem exists across all mediums. This exhibit spoke to my value of equality.

The Good Life

This work shows the busy lifestyle that is the city. To me, this work is showing a lack of the good life. In fact it shows the exact opposite. While at first glance it seems like a cheerful work with all the bright colors, when you look deeper you see the sadness. The city itself looks nice with its bright color, but when you look at the people all you see are dark figures walking from point a to b. This appeals to the good life value of the search for meaning. These people have no meaning as dark shadows, the artists way of warning what the city can do to you. This added to my meaning because it seems to show the lack of purpose and enjoy that you can be sucked into.

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