Teaming Up for Character™ DI Women's Basketball

BILLINGS, Mont. - The 32 teams that qualified for the NAIA DI Women's Basketball Championship participated in the Teaming Up for Character Events™.

The teams visited local elementary schools and talked about what it means to be an NAIA student-athlete, how important the Five Core Values (respect, responsibility, servant leadership, integrity and sportsmanship) are to life and if there was enough time played some basketball too.

Alexis Harris of LSU - Alexandria (La.) talks about how the five core values relate to the visit they had with a local elementary school before the championship.

Emily Baker of Pikeville (Ky.) talks about what it means for her and her team to be able to participate in the teaming up for character event™

Mia Gliatta of William Jessup (Calif.) tells about the experience that she and her team had at this year's Teaming Up for Character Event™.

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