delightful Dogs By monnatcha navawongs

Bark! Bark! Bark! Hear the dog sounds. Learn more about dogs by reading on in this book.

Let's eat

Dogs need to be fed and taken care of. Dogs eat special food. Dogs eat dog food but not people food. People food might make them sick! Chocolate can even make them die, so don’t give them human food. Dry and wet dog food is best. Dry dog food comes in a big bag. Dogs have to eat in the morning and in the night time everyday. I feed my dog one scoop twice a day.

Dogs need to get taken care of. They need the right equipment. Dogs need a collar, a bowl for food and water, a leash, and bed, and a comb. Dogs need to get walks every day and to play. To get started to walk a dog you get the leash onto the collar and walk them. Get a play toy for your dog also.

Dogs also need water. You should give fresh water to your dog . If the water is dirty, change it! You can use a bowl or a special water fountain.

Different Kinds of Dogs

Two popular dog breeds are Golden Retrievers and Miniature Yorkshire Terrier (M.Y.T). Loads of people have Golden Retrievers (GR). GR have golden, brownish fur that is long. These dogs are medium size. They like to swim and like to play outside. They are happy and like to play with people.

M.Y.T are also popular. M.Y.T have black, brown, and white fur that’s long. M.Y.T are small dogs. They like to play a lot with toys and people.

Dog Jobs

Dogs have many jobs. Here are three important jobs. First Dogs can be guide dogs. Guide dogs help blind people. These dogs needs special training and trainer. Guide dogs need to wear a special harness to help lead the person. Therapy dogs are trained to help people. Therapy dogs live with healthy people and go and help groups of sick people. As early as the 15 century people and dogs worked together. Therapy dogs can be all sizes. Dog need to pass the training test. A k-9 team is a police dogs and its handler. Police dogs need to be calm and brave when people start shooting. The most popular breed that are popular for police dogs is belgian malinois , german shepherd and doberman pinscher

Now you know how to take care of a dog now and if you buy a dog you will know what to do.


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