Death Penalty The Injustice

By Elias Obbink and Tyler Van Schouwen

Bill’s Grimes story

Bill Grimes was in the being questioned for murder. His mouth was dry and he was losing his voice because he had to tell his story so many times. He had to tell them the whole story several, but the whole time he knew they weren’t going to believe him.

“I was just sitting at home watching TV,” Bill said, “and then all of a sudden an FBI agent broke my door down and told me to put my hands up. I slowly walked towards him and asked what I did he didn’t even answer. And now here I am being accused of burning my neighbors house down. I would never kill two little kids! Never!” Bill shivered at the fact of being accused of killing someone.

Injustice of Death Penalty

Last week Bill Grime was executed, but less than two months later the real murderer was found. Bill lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. The real murderer was Larry Archer. Who was told on by an unknown eyewitness. The police went on a search for Larry and found him in less than a week. Larry eventually admitted to killing the kids. The agents were horrified, they felt terrible for mixing that up. They killed a human for do nothing nothing at all!

Real Stories of actual people

Just like Bill the Rosenburgs were also falsely accused of giving nuclear secrets to USSR. They were found guilty and executed. And they were eventually proved to be innocent. There is a lot more people who were falsely accused and we are still finding out more falsely accused people to this day.


Created with images by Tim Green aka atoach - "Here comes a chopper to chop off your head ..." • Aranami - "feebies" • Kiwi NZ - "Burned Down House" • Ninian Reid - "Atomic Bomb Spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Who Both Died In The Electric Chair"

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