Dress Code Useless laws weaken the necessary laws

Montesquieu would be for the dress code because he believed it was important to make laws only if they were necessary. He writes,

"useless laws weaken the necessary laws"
“He writes in the spirit of laws he had a deep respect for tradition. “

Students should be focused on learning, not what other people are wearing. Traditional clothes would be like no bathing suits, nothing that reveals private body parts. Students want to wear what they want, but they can wear what they want as long as they follow the rules. He wouldn’t want students to wear uniforms, but if there were no dress code rules kids would do whatever they want and get out of control. Even riots could happen.

If everyone follows the rules we should be fine.

Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de, 1689-1755. The Spirit of Laws. London :Printed for J. Collingwood, 1823. Print.


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