My Spring Break by bRYAN gONZALEZ

On my spring break i started playing soccer again since my right leg was injured.I started to practice with my left leg so i could better than my cousin.I practice with my brother and sister because i have to help them be good at soccer they are both right legs and i m both right and left footed.
same position my brother was when i shot towards the goalie he barely blocked it. It is fun playing with them but its more fun when my cousin comes because he challenges me to free kicks only using our left legs.
Me, my cousin, my sister, and my brother started playing all together while we waited on some of my cousin's friends. My cousin's friends are really good at playing but they invited other people so we can go against them but the other people i knew were the people that injured my leg last time.
Finally, we finish playing soccer my sister was injured a little and had to sit out while my team beat them. It was Real Madrid (4)--(1) Chivas they finally learn how to play right without injuring people after they tried to injured me too.


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