Creative Practice 2 leah andritsch


I have participated in a practice like this previously. In a graphic design class I took during undergrad one of the required books we had was actually called Take a Line for a Walk and our first assignment was to decorate the cover with this same creative practice. I am also familiar with this type of drawing because in high school I used to doodle a lot on my notebooks and this was precisely the type of thing I would do. I enjoy this practice very much because it is somewhat mindless yet soothing. I would usually do this doodle during study breaks when I reached my limit on work. I feel this practice can be meditative in that it can ease the mind to relax and not think about anything but just the present moment of drawing lines and figures but it also can create a moment to reflect on whatever may be on one’s mind. I have utilized it for both thought processes. When I started the practice I had some anxiety bothering me and after I finished I was much calmer. I also asked my boyfriend, Omar, to participate in the practice because he had just received some unfortunate news and I felt this would be a good way for him to ground his mind. He was very willing and enjoyed creating his practice because he was able to relax and discuss his thoughts and feelings about his situation in a collected manner.

I believe this creative practice could be utilized in healthcare to help patients and professionals ground their minds, thoughts, and emotions on their current situation. It is simple and doesn’t require talent to create so anyone could participate. This creative process allows for one to focus on their present moment and relieve their mind of running thoughts, much like meditation. Also, since it is a simple activity that doesn’t necessarily require much thought, it can create the time and space for someone to reflect on his or her thoughts and create a meaning or understanding to whatever they may be feeling.

Omar's Practice

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