A Long Way Gone Ian hyde, Carson stiller

Information about Sierra Leone

Bordered by Guinea and Liberia. Also the Atlantic Ocean.

The minerals that come from Sierra Leone are diamonds, cold, and iron.

The Sierra Leone government is a republic with one legislative house


This is the RUF( revolutionary united front)

They fought a 10 year civil war to seize control of the diamond producing regions of the country.

War in Sierra Leone

Started in 1991 notorious for recruiting kids . The goal was to overthrow the government. Sankoh allied himself with a Liberian antigovernment guerrilla unit to help overthrow the Sierra Leone government.

Child soldiers were ecruited heavily by RUF. The children were put into the ranks and would help in raping and maiming its (RUF's) victims.

In Afghanistan, Columbia, and India. These are three countries that have reportedly had child soldiers. They work in the field of combat.

Human rights watch

Anti slavery society

People against trafficking humans

These are all groups that are working hard to stop children in wars.

The UN is against child soldiers, they are trying to put an end to recruiting of children for war.

About Ishmael Beah

36 years old

He is now in New York.

He wrote the book as if he was still a kid in Sierra Leone

He attended Oberlin College

He listened to hip hop music to realize that everything was going to be okay and at sometimes it even saved him.




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