NEWSLETTER 6 September 2019

From the Head of Campus - Castle Hill

Riding through the mountains on two wheels and sprinting across a field or court gives me great enjoyment. The reason for this, is the adrenaline, the enjoyment of fresh air and my proprioceptors are being activated. I recently discovered that proprioceptors are tiny nerve endings that detect how our body is positioned and moving. When these proprioceptors detect physical activity, a positive message is sent to the brain and our mood is lifted. This is simply just one method of increasing positive feelings within ourselves. I understand that not everyone would agree, but there is research that does indicate a connection between being physically active and feeling good.

I have always enjoyed different sporting activities and I have always tried to make time for them. I will admit that sometimes I have just had to settle for a walk around the block, but even that has great benefits. It has grown to the point where sport has become a passion of mine, and it was great to hear about our recent sporting achievements at ASISSA Athletics. Despite the terrible weather our Year 2-6 students proudly represented our school and what it means to show excellence. Out of the 36 students who attended, 12 students will be advancing to CIS. Congratulations to all those who competed at ASISSA and activated their proprioceptors, and a special congratulations to the following students for their outstanding results and progressing to CIS.

- Mr Marsden

1st Eva E 8 Years 100m

1st Charlotte M - 11 Years Shot Put

1st Marco B -12-13 Years High Jump

2nd Arianna C - 11 Years High Jump

2nd Indianna W - 8-10 Years Shot Put

2nd Marco B - 12 Years 100m

2nd Marco B- 12 Years 200m

2nd Amelia R - Girls 8-10 1500m

2nd Amelia R - Girls 8-10 800m

3rd Jordan M - 12-13 Years High Jump

3rd Indianna W - 11 Years Long Jump

4th Marco B, Michael R, Rishon P, Ethan S 4 x 100m Relay Senior

4th Elysha H - 12-13 Years Discus

4th Indianna W - 8-10 Years High Jump

5th Michelle N - 11 Years High Jump

ASISSA Participants

College Announcements

Carpark Speed Reminder

Just a reminder to slow down to 10km when travelling through our College car parks. Please remember we have small children at both campuses, and we need to all work together to keep ALL of our students safe, big or small. Thank you for your co-operation with this

Winter Uniform Reminder

Just a reminder as we move into warmer weather, that care needs to be taken by students to keep track of where they may put their blazer and/or jumpers. We have a substantial collection accruing in lost property, and students need to come and see if their lost uniform item may be in there. Please ensure names are on items of clothing, as any clothing left uncollected may be sold as in the second hand uniform collection. We thank you for ensuring names are on all uniform items, and that students check lost property first, if they have mislaid an piece of clothing.

- Administration

Student Sick Leave

Just a reminder that if your child is away for more than 2 days, you will need to supply a medical certificate to the office or your child's homeroom teacher. Thank you for noting this.

Bus Changes and Road Safety - Please Read

As some of you are aware, there has been changes to timetables and locations of bus stops in the local area. We as a College are requesting that council install a pedestrian crossing on Hezlett Road, across from the College increase pedestrian safety. However the chances of this being installed would increase if we have as many families as possible contact the Council to request this.

Click on the link below to lodge your concern. Click 'roads and footpaths', select 'Report a road safety concern' and then choose 'traffic planning request' as your request type.

Bus Applications for 2020

Please note that if you require the College Bus Service in 2020, applications are now open. Applications will close 31 October, so all students (future and current) please click on the link below to submit your application

New Uniform Shop Price List

Please click on the link below to see the latest Uniform Shop price list, as at 1st September.

Creative Collective - 2019

Come along and join us in celebrating the creativity and innovation of the students of Hills Adventist College. Food and drinks will be available to purchase on the night.

Middle & Senior School Art Competition

Click on the link below to read conditions of entry and further information regarding the art competion

Middle & Senior School Art Competition

College News

Fathers Day Breakfast

Inter-School STEM Challenges

Year 7 & 8 Students

Last week, 3 teams of Hills Adventist College students visited Mountain View Adventist College to compete with three other Adventist schools in a Year 7 & 8 STEM Challenge. Students were tasked with designing and creating a mechanical device to transport water from a lower container to a higher container.

We congratulate Macarthur Adventist College for winning the competition, and are proud of our students for participating, and also winning second and third place!

Well done to 2nd place team – Lucy H, Kai S, Max D & Anneliese H (Year 7); 3rd place team – Maria K, Nicholas G, Edward G & Stavros K (Year 8); and also to Brendan H, Koby M, Patricia H & Monica Z.

- Mr Taskis

Year 5 & 6

The Stage 3 students participated in a STEM day at Mountain View College. The students were required to build a carriage to move people from an island to a lighthouse on its own. They had to budget on all the equipment and tools needed and had 120 Stemies (currency) to go buy the equipment. It had to have an electrical circuit, a motor and be able to move across from the island to the lighthouse and back. They were given a wooden frame and a piece of line to begin their task. There were 6 Adventist Schools that participated, and our Year 5 students won the STEM Day, as their carriage was unique and worked well. All in all it was a valuable day and a great learning experience for the students.

- Mrs Van der Merwe

Kindy & Year 1 Helping Those in Need

Kindergarten and Year One at Kellyville campus have been discussing some of our basic needs being food and shelter. To complement this discussion students and families collected food to donate to our local ADRA Blacktown store who are low on supplies this winter.

We were visited by Nancy and Mike (volunteers from ADRA) who shared with the students ways this food is meeting the needs of those in our community less fortunate.

If you would like more information on ways you can help ADRA Blacktown, please contact Mrs Lynne Steyn.

Students Explore Warragamba Dam

Year One/Two and Year Two recently ventured out to Warragamba Dam, one of the world's largest domestic water supply dams, to learn about water and how we can be responsible users of this precious resource. Hands on activities included standing on the dam wall, investigating wildlife found in the water, using binoculars for a closer look at the dam and making a model of a clean catchment area. The students have followed up in the classroom by learning about water supply in our school, how water gets from the dam to our homes and will be consolidating their learning by designing and making a water catching device later in the term.

- Mrs Savage and Mrs Tuitama

Year 9 Food Technology - Community Meal

On the 3rd and 4th of September the year 9 Food Technology students completed their major assessment task for the year.

In groups they were required to plan and prepare a 3 course meal for four dinner guests, comprising of staff from the school as well as external guests who represented various "heroes" in our community. These included members from the local police station and fire department, as well as other volunteer and support groups from the Hills and College community.

A great couple of days were had by all with many guests leaving in a ‘food coma’.

Congratulations year 9!

- Ms Baxter

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is now complete for 2019. Out of 123 participants across both campuses, 93 students fully completed their challenges, and 2754 books were read. House points were won by the following number of students Phillip (27), Fitzroy (26), Denison (20), and Hunter (20).

A few special mentions are in order:

1. 13 Kindy students completed their first challenge – welcome aboard!

2. Mrs Tuitama’s class (Year 1/2) completed the challenge as a group and get to enjoy a class party to celebrate.

3. Max and Marsha (Year 3), Amelia (Year 4), and Natasha (Year 5) have earned their Gold Certificate for 4 challenges completed.

4. Abigail, Noah, and Yash (Year 6) have earned their Platinum Certificate for 7 challenges completed.

5. Grace and TaylaLea (Year 9) have earned a medal for completing all challenges from Year 3 to the final Year 9. TaylaLea has also completed 10 challenges, the most challenges a student in NSW can complete.

Well done to the above students and all of our other participants who are working towards these milestones in future years. We are so proud of all of our keen readers this year, and look forward to Term 4 when we will be able to present you with your awards. Keep reading, learning, and imagining.

Again, a special thank you to Zara, our compassionate Kindy student, who raised $400 for Dymocks Children’s Charities while completing her reading challenge of 30 books. She was the 5th highest fundraiser in the whole program, and helped our school to be the 4th highest fundraiser all by herself. Her generosity will add $600 worth of new books to Hills Adventist College library, and $200 worth of new books to a school in need. Well done, Zara!

- Mrs Wright and Ms Van Vliet

Junior School & Early Learning Centre Art Competition

Here is a sample of the amazing entries we received in the Junior School and Early Learning Centre Art Competition. Winners will be announced soon!

World Of Maths

Year 7 and 8 students had a "World of Maths" incursion recently, where they were assigned into groups to solve various mathematical problems.

- Mr Ku

Year 6 Travel Expo

Year 6 students organised and ran a Travel Expo for parents, staff and students as part of their project based learning for Geography. Students researched an Asian indigenous culture, and provided information, brochures, and food samples for the visitors to their expo. They did a great job and provided some fascinating information about various countries in the Asian region.

Church Community Announcements