I Miss You One whole year

It has been a whole year since you been away. A whole year of not hearing your voice, not hearing your laugh and not feeling the warmth of your smile. A whole year of not being able to hug you. A whole year of not being able to look you in the eyes and tell you that I love you and assure you that everything will be alright. It has been one whole year of trying to figure out how to live life without you.

Since you been away life has not been the same. Holidays and birthday celebrations are not the same without you. Your presence alone made those days all the more special. I did not realize until now that the best gifts that I received on those days wasn't the toys but it was having you.

Family Vacation at the Beach

Visiting home does not quite feel the same because you made it feel like home. The living room feels empty without you sitting in your favorite spot. The kitchen does not feel the same without you whipping up one your famous quick meals. Home is so quiet without you calling our names. There are moments where I have a sudden urge to call for you but then I disappointingly remember that you are gone for now.

You were my mother but you also grew to be my friend. You made sure you were never too busy for me. Whenever I joked you would laugh. You always made me feel as if I could be a comedian. Whenever I had good news to share you were the first to know. You were my cheerleader. You believed in me!

High School Graduation

As far as I can remember you were always there. From a boy to a man you were there. You were there whenever I was sick. You were there whenever I needed your help with my homework. You were there whenever I needed to be disciplined. You were there when depression crippled my soul. You were there, even in sickness, at my wedding. Through the highs and lows you were there.

You were there for me even in your final days. You made sure that I would be okay if you were to leave me. With the little strength you had you reached for my hand and held it. No words needed to be said. Just the effort alone to reach for my hand said all that needed to be said. I knew that you loved me.

Not only did you love me you also loved Jesus. You believed that He lived a perfect life, died on the cross as a spotless sacrifice and rose from death to life for your justification. He exchanged His perfect life for your imperfect efforts. He exchanged His glorious robe for your flawed garments. He found you when you were lost and He adopted you and made you His child. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and not by your works.

It's been a whole year since you have been with your King. A whole year of pure joy and awe. A whole year without suffering or pain. A whole year without any tears or heartache. A whole year in total peace and harmony. It has been one whole year of me believing that I will see you again soon. Until then I will continue to wait and continue to believe the Lord is taking good care of you. I miss you.

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Travis Greene

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