Newsletter 18th May 2018

From the Head

It was wonderful to welcome so many parents in to school on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the Royal Wedding tea party; we certainly drew a crowd! The weather was perfect, the tea and cakes were plentiful and the playground had been decorated fabulously by the children and staff. It was certainly a party atmosphere. Dressed in their finest wedding attire, the children congregated on the playground, joined by our many visitors, and enjoyed their hand decorated biscuits and garden games in the sunshine. Thank you to Mr Turner and the staff team who organised the whole event; it was a true success and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

It has struck me at school this week, just how many examples of resilience I have witnessed. From the Year 6 children learning to ride one handed on their bikes, to the skateboarders persevering while learning to skateboard along a narrow rail, to the Year 5 children learning from their mistakes in practice papers and the younger children learning how to share their toys, it has been wonderful to see the children so determined to succeed. This is such a vital skill for our children to learn to persevere and keep trying - this how how they will be successful and independent learners. This was seen by the team of staff who took our Year 4 children to Arethusa this week for their first residential trip; for many of the children this was their first time away from home. The children had a wonderful time and, while learning to become more independent, were a real credit to the school. Even the instructors could see a difference in the children from Wednesday to Friday. I am sure they will all be in need of a well deserved rest this weekend!

Enjoy the weekend, whether you are watching the Royal Wedding, the FA Cup Final, or something completely different, I hope you have a great one.

Miss Holloway

Year 6

Year 6 have had a very busy week of ‘Bikaeability’ and have all shown great improvement. On Monday, the children set off to the park to be assessed on their skills and then each day the have been out on the roads or in the park practising their techniques. The children have been learning new skills to help them remain safe and confident whilst riding on the roads.

The children really enjoyed the Royal Wedding celebrations this week. To prepare for the big day, the children made bunting, flags, designed and made their own crowns and decorated biscuits to enjoy at the Tea Party. We have some fantastic bakers in Year 6 and really enjoyed tasting these delicious treats. The children have also been researching and creating a presentation that compares a historical Royal Wedding with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s up and coming nuptials. The children have enjoyed researching about their chosen Royal wedding and finding about their historical figures. In science, the children created their own experiment to test the greenhouse effect using digital thermometers and ipads.

Please can we remind you to fill in the Chocolate Workshop permission form on Google forms as the workshop is taking place next Wednesday 23rd May - thank you in advance.

Year 5

The children ended last week with the Year 4 and 5 Disco. They enjoyed dancing to some of their favourite songs and eating the lovely food prepared by the parents. There were even some dance moves from the Year 4 and 5 teachers, which for some children was slightly embarrassing (although we do not why)! Thank you to all parents who offered their time for this event and thanks must also go to Mr Pradic for being our DJ.

Year 5 have really enjoyed the Royal Wedding celebrations this week. We started the week by making crowns, decorating flags and biscuits to take to the Tea Party on Tuesday. We loved celebrating the special day with our family and friends. In Maths this week, we have learning how to share quantities into given ratios and have also started to tackle algebra. We discussed the origins of algebra and the connections to the Greek alphabet. We were very impressed that some children had even heard of Pythagoras’ Theorem! We will be continuing to develop our understanding of algebra next week. In IPC, we have continued to create our fairground rides using recycled materials. We have been very impressed with the children’s ideas and how they have overcome any problems when making their rides. We look forward to seeing their final models next week.

Please can we remind you to fill in the Chocolate Workshop permission form on Google forms as the workshop is taking place next Wednesday 23rd May - thank you in advance.

Year 3

Year 3 have had a very busy week with Royal Wedding Tea Parties, planting and the prospect of an upcoming disco. In anticipation of the Royal Wedding, the children made bunting, flags, crowns and decorated biscuits in red, white and blue icing. We all thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to celebrate this historical moment together and sample some of the delicious cakes. Having Prince Harry and his ‘bride to be’ make a special appearance really was the icing on the cake! In English, we have been following the developments in ‘Varjak Paw’, empathising and advising Varjak as he makes agonising decisions and faces new and dangerous situations. In IPC, we have been planning and conducting scientific investigations to challenge our knowledge of what we believe plants need to grow well. Our focus was on creating a fair test, designed to put our hypotheses to the test! It was quite a challenge thinking of all the variables we would need to keep the same.

This week, we have also been celebrating with Agasthya in 3H. Last Sunday, he took part in the Blackheath Music Festival and came first in Guitar. Well done Agasthya we are all incredibly proud of you!

Parents are reminded that the Year 2 and 3 Disco is scheduled to take place on Friday 25th May. With DJ Pradic on the decks, it will run from 4.00 to 5.30pm and should be an excellent evening for all!

Year 2

Of course the week has been dominated by the wonderful tea party on Tuesday with the children busy preparing their hats, bunting, flags and icing their biscuits. However, the children have been down to the allotment to check on the plants, water them and they even found a newt hiding in one of the water butts. In the classroom, we have radishes, pak choi, peas all growing, with fingers being crossed for our pumpkins and strawberries. We were very lucky to have Luis bring in some organic honey all the way from Albania where his Daddy had been visiting family and all the children had a taste and concluded it was delicious. With the royal wedding this weekend, their homework is to do with fractions of royal wedding cakes and to colour in the relevant areas. Don’t forget the children have their disco next Friday afternoon which I am sure they are all looking forward to. Enjoy your weekend.

Year 1

This week, in preparation for the Royal Wedding Tea Party, the children excitedly made crowns, flags, bunting and decorated their own biscuits using red, blue and white icing! They loved welcoming their families along to join in the celebrations. In IPC lessons, Year 1 have continued to observe their growing sunflower and broad bean seeds. We also carried out an investigation to observe how plants ‘drink’ water by placing some cut white carnations in coloured water. We await to see the results! As part of our ‘Flowers and Insects’ topic, the children have also begun to study ants and enjoyed using the iPads to research interesting facts about them. They have learnt about the anatomy of an ant and have been labelling the main body parts.

In maths, Year 1 have revisited money this week. They have been adding different totals and finding change. The children are becoming more confident at recognising the various coins and using skills such as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to add amounts. Please continue to support this learning at home by providing your child with opportunities to handle real money and develop their understanding.


Our Maths theme for this week has been about shape. We have looked at 2D and 3D shapes, describing the properties of the shapes and describing whether the sides are curved or straight. The children went on shape hunts looking for the relevant 2D or 3D shapes.

We were excited to attend the tea party, wearing our wedding clothes, crowns and waving our flags.


Ahoy there landlubbers!

All the Nursery children have enjoyed learning about pirates this week. They have listened to various stories including “Pirates Love Underpants” and “The Pirates Next Door” and have enjoyed creating their own cheeky pirate characters. They have been very imaginative, using the various pirate books in the classroom to support their ideas.

The children have particularly enjoyed hearing about the pirates’ adventures looking for treasure. They have designed their own treasure maps, adding features such as murky swamps, dark caves and golden beaches. The best part was adding a large red X marks the spot. They were excited to make their maps look old and distressed by ripping the edges, scrunching them up and dabbing tea bags all over them!

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