Amy Hutchison Photographer - Mother - Animal Enthusiast - Coffee Addict

Your Curious- Who am I?

More importantly... what can I offer you? I mean let's be real, that's what brought you here:)

Your about to size me up to the competition, and I will be the first to tell you, please make sure you do! Your most likely facing an investment, spending your hard earned money- that doesn't come easy, does it? If your going to dig into your wallet ( or into our tap, tap world ) I would recommend being absolutely sure of whom you choose. In my world of service, their are so many people to choose from. You could browse portfolios, compare the costs, but in the end I will tell you a secret.

Relationships mean everything, and images are taken to capture feelings.

So when you do make a choice, let is be with whom you feel most good about as a person- forget the cost- ( a good choice will help with that obstacle )

Coffee Lovers Rejoice! You have met your best friend here;) - Well maybe not quite, as I enjoy the simplistic life of a " Double Double", but I sure can't live without it!

Remember How You Felt-

I have no awards, and my walls lay empty without certificates. 100% self-taught through

Passion, Dedication & the Desire TO Bring Smiles

This is not just a business for me, this has become my life & world with the support of my silly big family. I come with a super handsome partner, and together our blended goodness = 3 Kids + 3 Dogs + 2 Cats! What does that say about me? Well your either thinking ( this lady is crazy and her house must be quite similar to a hoarders ) or wow, that woman has patience! I would be a liar if I said some days I don't get overwhelmed by the toys, shedding & laundry, but you know what, I have a big heart and I like to keep it full.

Your Excitement
... your laughter

Take me with you along the way, and let me help

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