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Nature - my religion

Lone pinecone in a bed of pine needles. One of my favorite photos taken in Forest Hills, Louisiana. Reminds me of home, the piney wood forests of Southeast Texas.

There is nothing more beautiful to me than wild flowers sharing their beauty and not by the hand of any man. Natural and free, and more beautiful than any floral bouquet.

Red Clover in Texas
Blackeyed Susans

The Road Home. Home is at the end of this 2.5 mile dirt road, deep in the piney wood forests of Southeast Texas.

road home5
road home4
road home3
road home2
road home6

Nature's creatures are beautiful in their own right.

crawfish waiting to be boiled
turtle family

Louisiana Marshland - vast, beautiful, peaceful.

Tennessee Appalachian Mountains

Panama City, Florida

portraits - people

SARAH - My Daughter, My Muse
Amanda & Caleb
If you are interested in seeing more of my work (some unrelated to photography), visit my Extended Portfolio link below.

Candie Witherspoon -- Me
about me

I am a country girl, wife and mom of one. I spent most of my childhood days barefoot, climbing trees, and exploring the forest around my childhood home. I am an artist, photographer, and educator. I love painting and photographing nature and people. I live in Iowa, Louisiana. I am originally from Jasper, Texas. I love Adobe products and am an active participant in the Adobe Education Exchange community where I am learning to use their products and teaching others how to use them. I love the outdoors. I love traveling and seeing new places. I am a people watcher. I enjoy sitting in public places and watching people interact with each other in our society. This activity can be relaxing and entertaining at times. I enjoy spending time with nature as it is very therapeutic and inspirational to the artist in me.

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