A Tour of Thanks.io How to leverage modern print marketing in today's digital world.

What You Can Send


Send 4x6 & 6x9 postcards domestically & internationally. Pricing starts at $0.49 per card, including postage.


Our letters can be fully customized and include our custom handwriting engine. All letters come with our optional custom envelopes. Pricing starts at $1.19, including postage.

envelope options

How Can I Send?

Our Easy to Use Dashboard

Send postcards & letters online with ease in just a few steps. Upload your CSV/Excel file, buy our targeted demographic lists, search FREE addresses on our map, or enter them one by one.


Schedule future sends on your mailing lists with ease! Set specific dates, holidays, birthdays, or any configuration of dates to trigger the sending of postcards/letters.


Trigger postcards & letter sends via Zapier or directly from our rest API.

Chrome Extension

Find addresses on ANY webpage and easily add to your mailing lists or trigger sending right from your browser. Great for prospecting from Google Maps!


Automatically trigger postcards or letters to send with an email. Great for prospecting on the go, or say thanks after a tremendous in-person meeting!

Why Handwritten?

The thanks.io handwriting system mimics real handwriting without the high costs usually incurred with actual human handwritten mail. We have 12 different handwriting styles to match your style, all with varying levels of realism or boldness.

Why Print Marketing?

Print marketing has had a resurgence in popularity, effectiveness, and ROI in the last few years. With the cost of pay per click advertising going through the roof, print marketing is now equal or less expensive than digital. Furthermore, with recent privacy legislation, most unsolicited digital marketing is now illegal or at least immoral. See TCPA, GDPR, CCPA.

PPC Average Cost Matrix

Use Case Examples

Political Campaigns

Trigger thank you letters for donors as well as marketing to your base with ease.


Send thank you mailings & request product reviews triggered right from your favorite e-commerce platform.

Real Estate

Send just listed/sold postcards, build direct response mailings, or build automated campaigns to touch base to your farm.

Car Dealerships

Automatically trigger lease renewal postcards, birthday cards, or any other print marketing right from your DMS.

New Business Notifications

Send blanket mailings to a geographic region, notifying them about your new business. Super easy, super cheap.

Get Started Today

Get $10 in FREE credits to test our system & learn your way around.


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