Wolvertang and D-Curve Kai Ogawa by sean f boggs for D-Curve

My Homeboy Kai Ogawa, AKA Wolvertang got a sweet sponsorship from D-Curve Goggles but we didn't have time to shoot in the winter so here are some other looks we came up with for goggle use. I used Kai's dad, Brian Ogawa and my awesome family as crew. The talent in the background of the poker photo are Taylor and Andre. Andre is the bear.

1/30th of a second at F4, ISO 400. A little bit of lens blur in PS and yea, that's a dude fighting a bear.
Majestic Wolvertang sighting. 1/125th of a second at F4. A single strobe camera left and I layered the image to make the sky super juicy.
1/30th of a second at F11, ISO 50. Layered to saturate and darken the background. I also used a ton of clarity in the RAW window.
Some behind the scenes stuff that Sofie shot for us. : )
Sam running lights for me.
Chava Boggs, age 11.

Hope you dig it and thanks for checking it out. Sean

Got questions? Email me at my website and I'll share.


Created By
Sean Boggs



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