Present tense How we write it?

The simple present is used to talk about habits, general facts, things we do at the moment and future schedules. We can use words like; at the moment, now, today, always and everyday. Now, examples.


•An habit is somethings that a person do often or in a regular time.

Exemple: They clean their rooms every Saturday morning in summer.

Clean represent a habit that this group of person do regulary.

General facts

A general fact is something that has actual existense.

Exemple: Water boils at 100 degrees celsuis.

Boils represent a fact that exist a the moment.

True at the moment

Its a verb that mean its true right now, but not defenitely. That can change.

Exemple: She lives in Quebec.

Lives means that you live right now there, but you can move.

Future schecdule

It's in the future, but you know that would happend.

Example: Her train is at 10 a.m.

Is mean you know that you would go to the train later.


When you write in the third person of singular, you put a "s" at the end.


To Be

The verb be is a exception.

  • I am
  • You are
  • He/she is
  • We are
  • You are
  • They are

Complete sentence:

  1. If it's the verb run, you _______.
  2. If it's the verb eat, she _______.
  3. If it's the verb be, he ______.
  4. If it's the verb be, you _____.
  5. If it's the verb bring, they _____.
  6. If it's the verb take, you ______.
  7. If it's the verb be, they ______.
  8. If it's the verb live, he _______.
Live in the present, not in the past ;)

10 verbs gonna give you a challenge, if you write it correctely, you are a pro ;)

Now, you have 1 minute to do it. Now... let's goo!!!


1- folds And fold

2- take and take

3- swims and swim

4-hunts and hunt

5- watches and watch


Can you tell me things about..:

  • The exception verb
  • The 4 reasons why we use the present tense & what they mean
  • The letter you add in a person in present tense ( like the second person of plurial)
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