My Life by: Allie Bentz

I am Allie Bentz and this is my life story...

(Here's a map of my home town.)

...I live in Oregon, Wisconsin with my mom, dad, and brother. My family is one of those families that you wouldn't expect. Not in a wild, crazy, weird kind of family. We are quite the opposite, actually. My mom loves to read books and watch netflix. She is very nice and caring. My dad, on the other hand, is hilarious and fun to be around. My brother, Isaac is quite silly and goofy all the time. He likes to watch youtube and hopes to become a professional youtuber.

The youtube button and the video game controller represents my brother playing video games and watching youtube. The books and the sewing needles represent my mom because she loves to read and crochet. The laughing baby and the computer represent my dad because he likes to make people laugh and he likes to code. His job is to code.
The summer after 3rd grade, I moved to Maryland. It was hard, with all the packing and saying goodbye to all my friends.
I eventually made new friends though...
3 Years went by...

I had to move back to Wisconsin. I moved back into the same house as before, so almost nothing had changed.

There were a lot of troubles during the trip. Like when our bikes fell off the back of our minivan and crashed into the cars behind us.

Or when my friend came all the way to my house in Maryland the day we left just to say goodbye.

But it all turned out okay in the end.

To Be Continued....


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