Florida Museum of Natural History Danielle Duque

Nature on Display

Victims of the frost

The Butterfly Rainforest is visually pleasing with its display of vividly beautiful flora. The exhibit also has a very relaxing feeling to it, with a little waterfall to add to that. When I went, it was a very cold morning and the previous night it was also very cold. When I walked in the butterflies were still defrosting, if you will. Many butterflies were on the floor, as they had become victims of the frost. It was a very calm morning at the Butterfly Rainforest. I learned to appreciate the calm nature of the butterflies, as you can approach them and they will stay in place. I found the butterflies to be visually pleasing alongside with the nature.

Nature and Ethics

Monarch butterfly eating undisturbed by my presence

I chose this picture for this section because the picture's focus is the butterfly surrounding by beautiful flowers. The butterflies and moths coexist with a small species of bird. They do not disturb the birds and vice versa. The butterflies were unbothered by my presence and continued on with their lives. This should represent the relationship between humans and flora and fauna. Like Leopold states, we should be a part of the biotic community. As living breathing humans we should not disturb the nature and other species that exist with us. Instead we should learn to coexist peacefully, like the birds do with the butterflies and moths.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Poison Frogs in the Frog Exhibit

At first sight what you see is vibrant and tiny frogs. Some might even say that they look harmless, and even cute, due to their beautiful colors. However one should not be fooled by their appearance, as they are the most poisonous animal, according to the museum's description. With even the slightest touch, some species of poisonous frogs, can poison you instantly. This evokes the mystery of how something so beautiful could be so dangerous. Most people do not know that this frog could be deadly, so I chose this exhibit and picture for this section because it made me realize how little knowledge I have of those species that exist in our world. This speaks to the mystery and majesty of the world we live in.

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