Berczy Park is located in Downtown Toronto. Claude Cormier + associés conceived of a dynamic new park concept to replace the original urban park that had served the Front and Wellington area since 1980. The centerpiece of their design was a grand fountain and plaza surrounded by green space.

The completed park was opened in 2017 and was an instant sensation with people who came day and night to see the grand dog fountain and everything else the new park offered.

A fountain like people in Toronto had never seen


Industryous photography was commissioned by Claude Cormier + associés to document this dynamic park with a series of photographs that told a story about the design and the place.


People come to Berczy Park to see the dog fountain, feel the cool spray of mist, relax, talk, walk their dogs, read, eat lunch and watch the activity unfold around them.

park utility panel clad in polished stainless steel


Landscape architects create places for people. Design success is measured in the enjoyable use and life of the completed project.

Photographs demonstrate design excellence by making complex design language understandable.



design success is communicated by the life of the place.

promote your design skills with dynamic photography....

Berczy Park, Toronto. Claude Cormier + associés.
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Industryous photography


Industryous photography

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