The HMS Press Volume 3: Issue 4

Huge Waves Hit the California Coast

By Elizabeth Bradford, Hannah Yantis, Ben Ridgeway, and Hayden Lee

On the last issue of the HMS press, we reported on the terrible wildfires destroying land all over California. In this Issue, we are focusing on the polar opposite: in the place of fire, it is now water that is being a danger to California. Huge waves up to 40 feet tall (around the height of a 4 story building), hit the coast of California between December 16 and December 19 of 2018.

The National Weather Service warned people from going into the water, after predicting that the waves could reach up to 50 feet tall, with strong rip currents to add to the danger. They advised against people even being on the beach, saying on Twitter, “STAY WELL BACK FROM THE OCEAN OR RISK CERTAIN DEATH”.

But how did these killer waves start? Marshall Shepherd, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Georgia explains that, “the dramatic wave heights are related to a consistent fetch of wind action that… has origins up near Alaska”. Storm after storm created powerful winds that stirred up waves. The waves grew as they went across the ocean, until they reached the monstrous heights that they were at when they reached the West Coast. These now notably heavy waves continuously hit the West Coast, causing destruction to the coast of California.

The waves did not reach the predicted 50 feet, but they did come close- the highest waves spotted were in the San Francisco Bay area, reaching up to 40 feet tall. The most common wave height was around 25-30 feet.

The giant waves hit not only in California, but up and down the entire West Coast, including Washington and Oregon. In Oregon the wave height was anywhere from 25-35 feet, but in Washington the waves were lower, though Washington did receive heavy rain and strong winds as a result of the storms.

In Southern California, the Ventura Pier was closed for several days after the powerful waves damaged pilings on the Pier, and forced the pier’s closure. The Ventura has not been closed since 2015.

The Ventura Pier was not the only activity in California that was closed due to the waves. The annual Mavericks Challenge surfing competition off at Half Moon Bay has also been called off because of the huge waves. The organizers expect to reschedule it for January of 2019. The competition takes place only when conditions allow, and some years it has not been held at all.

California was hit hard in 2018. Hopefully, 2019 will bring more fortune for the state.




Are People Worrying About Christmas a Little TOO Much?

By. Lydia Fish, Jeremy Stuller, and Cloey Phillips

In the process of fighting for equality and respect, are we taking it too far?

In today’s society, we are learning that we must treat everybody with respect, but are people taking this all too far? This all started when Cleveland radio station WDOK Christmas 102.1 banned the song, ‘Baby, it’s Cold Outside’ because the lyrics in the song seemed to show that the male in the song was forcing the woman to stay with him and not leave, using the excuse, “baby, it’s cold outside”- hence the song’s name. Obviously, this song- out of context- seems very disproportionate, but when you look at the lyrics, the song is not what people seem to be making it out as. The male in the song is simply saying that he wants to spend more time with the female because he likes her, hence him using the excuse “baby, it’s cold outside.” A lot of people have resorted to saying that the woman did not want to stay, but are excusing the morals of the time period in which this song came out. At the time, it was disgraceful for a female and male that had no legal relationship to stay the night under the same roof, making perfect sense if you think about it. The woman does not want to suffer the consequences of staying late at the man’s house, which, of course, was taken out of context…

Although it is not just the one song that is getting hate for the content inside of it. The original claymation version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has been receiving backlash for the apparent “promotion of bullying” it contains. Now, let’s take a second to think about the song and movie we all know and love. It discusses how, despite Rudolph’s differences from the other reindeer, he can- and does- succeed just as much as the next person. Even though the story of Rudolph shows that was a victim of bullying, it does not show any signs of supporting bullying or anything of the sort. All in all, the moral of the story is our differences are what makes us special, and that you can get past bullying and become a leader.

Even people are taking the origins and classical parts of Christmas too far. Over the past few years, people have been fighting over the name of Christmas, because many people think that the name focuses too much on the Christian background of the holiday, and they want to try to change into “Xmas”. Although you may not be religious, or you may be of a different religion, you can still be kind and cordial of others and their beliefs. Although it is a personal preference, it is important to respect others for what they believe and the terms they prefer to use regarding their religion and beliefs. Now, it is completely acceptable for anyone to use the term “Xmas” if that is what they prefer or what abides to their religious, or non-religious, beliefs, but it’s unacceptable to disrespect the beliefs of someone else. Some people have even taken it as far as to vandalize a Church nativity scene, this happened when a man from Balboa Park, California, put signs on a Christmas nativity scene that read, “ Religion is a myth.” Opinions and beliefs are things that many people do not share or agree on and there is a wide variety of such, but to ruthlessly attack someone or something based on their beliefs or the beliefs corresponding with it, is merely unacceptable. People should be courteous of other’s opinions and beliefs, even if it does not abide to theirs, especially when it comes to one day of the year

It is very understandable that we want to treat everyone with respect and show kids that you can be a nice person, but don’t you think that we should show kids that bullying happens every day, and just because this person is being bullied does not mean that this person is not special or deserving of the punishment. Instead of hiding away these classic movies and songs that talk about real issues, maybe we should showcase these and shine a light and show that these issues do happen and you can get past them. While people have the right to bring up these topics and bring up the issues in them, these people might just be looking too far into these many topics.

The Details of Retail

By: Josie Redman, Gannon Knox, and Zack Davis

Heath may cower in the shadow of Newark in some aspects, but we have one mighty thing above them! The Indian Mound Mall, this is just about something everyone knows about, and many love it too. Ranging from their expansive food court to their stores for all ages, the Indian Mound Mall is something to admire. So today, we wanted to go deeper and bring you more information about the Indian Mound Mall.

Let’s start at the beginning, the Indian Mound Mall was first opened in 1986 and was the first indoor shopping mall in Licking county. When the mall was first opened to the public, the stores available were Elder-Beerman, JCPenney, Lazarus and a smaller store called Hills. Its first change was in 1988, when they added the Crown Cinema behind the mall. Crown Cinema was renovated in 1997 so there were more screens and changed their name to Hollywood Theater. Recently in 2016, they were bought out by AMC Theatres. Let's take a step back to 1997, where they added their first new store which was Sears, which replaced a nearby store. They had a few changes after that such as removing a fountain and general improvements to the mall. Most of the changes after this just removed and added new stores. In 1999, they replaced the small store Hills with another store called Ames, but that store was closed in 2002 and replaced with a Steve and Barry’s in 2004. Lazarus was closed in 2004 and replaced with a Goody’s, but was closed in 2008 and in 2011 that was replaced with a Dick’s Sporting Goods. Recently, Steve and Barry’s was replaced with a Big Sandy. There have been many changes over the years but the stores mentioned are

not the only stores the mall has, and there are plenty of stores for your various shopping needs.

You may have noticed that the Indian Mound Mall isn't as filled as it used to be. Well we've lost elder beerman, and we lost most of the food court, as we only have two restaurants left. Soon they are going to remove one of the restaurants in the food court so we will be demoted to one. But not all is bad… we gained masey’s pizza and a renovated movie theatre. We also got a kids play place in the food court, and we got a children's theatre. So the mall has its ups and downs, but after all we do have a mall. There are some big plans for the mall the are going around because after all we want it to be a fun cool place to go shopping eat and hang out with friends. Currently the mall has 53 stores, 4 restaurants, an arcade, and a movie theatre. Some stores include Rue 21, Ulta Beauty, American Eagle, Journeys, Bath and Body Works, and Dick’s Sporting Goods and more. Some of the restaurants include Auntie Anne's, lee’s kitchen, and Massey's Pizza. The mall is a place that a lot of people go everyday and the center for retail in our small little town.

Sure malls are great with all with their shops and food areas, but every mall needs a little bit of spice. Indian Mound Mall delivers this with their events! These events range from a lot of things, rather that be simple fun activities you can do, to seasonally based events that really puts in you in that spirit. The best example, is that just in 2018 they did many things to celebrate Christmas. They did pet pictures with “Santa”, so that even your favorite furry friends can get in with the Christmas fun. They also did a fun activity for everyone called Cookies with Santa. It had many activities for free. The activities were decorating cookies, making crafts, and getting your face painted. “Santa” was even scheduled for a surprise visit, where he came and read a festive story for all the younger kids that happened to come. Also as usual, they had a mall Santa. Honestly, what is a mall without one? They even went into the business of fast passes, so that parents willing to pay could get pictures with “Santa” without having to struggle through the line. In the near future (February 8th), there is a free event going on to decorate Valentine’s boxes. The supplies there are free, so it for sure is something to look into! Make sure to check Indian Mound Malls website to learn more on these things, just like I did (Indian Mound Mall, 2018. Read more). Obviously events did happen in the past, and more events are coming. So never underestimate the Indian Mound Mall, they have more up their sleeve than we may expect.

So those are the details of retail. Now that you know what the store contains, maybe you can take a visit and see if you can find anything you might enjoy. People have been enjoying the malls features since 1986, and is still open today. From what we all have been saying, the Indian Mound Mall sure does sound like a big thing, doesn’t it?



Sports and their Benefits

A brief exploration into the benefits of sports.

By: Molly Robinson, Justice Neal, and Bill Carpenter

Almost all of us have been to a Heath Middle School sports game at some point, but what’s it like to be on the other end? What is it like to be the athlete? This winter, our athletes are working hard to succeed in their different sports. We’re going to learn all about the work it takes to do well, along with the pros and cons of being an athlete. Whether being an athlete already, or a true epic gamer, I'm sure you'll agree the benefits of being an athlete are to be considered.

A major part of why people do sports is the fun activities. You’re constantly active and achieving things that make you happy. Winning a game or match presents you with a source of self fulfillment and satisfaction. Being an athlete is a major, major source of happiness. You just have to remember, though, that you should do what makes you happy. It's not going to help if you’re just playing a sport because your friends wanted you to, or if your family wanted to. Being an athlete places stress on you, so make sure you’re ready. Just remember, if you’re doing what you find fun, being an athlete will make you overall a happier person.

Did you know that vitamin D is essential to your health? You know what one of the most major ways to gain vitamin D is? It’s being in the sun, absorbing sunlight through your skin. Yep, that’s right, just being out in the sun improves your health drastically. Since having a lack of Vitamin D can cause depression, suicide, muscle pain, ear aches, or infections, being outside is essential to your health. Well, being an athlete solves all of these things! Just literally being there as an athlete will improve your life by quite a margin.

You’ve heard of all of these benefits, but you haven’t heard it from an actual athlete themselves! So in order to get you the inside scoop on the life of an athlete, we’ve procured and secured a reliable, honest source just for you. “It’s nice to be a competitor and get to play against different people” says basketball player Taliyah Holmes. While it is rewarding, being an athlete isn’t all fun and games, and it does take a lot of work. “Hard work pays off, and it teaches you many life lessons” says Brant Hays. As you see, many athletes have a positive outlook on the benefits and activities in sports.

Overall, being an athlete is a beneficial experience. While it does take hard work and effort, there are so many benefits. From simply making you healthier to the pride of being part of a team, sports are definitely something that is worth the hard work it takes. So many people enjoy watching or participating in sports, and for a good reason, too. They’ve become such a big part of our culture, and so many people enjoy athletics every day.

Welcome to Fortnite Season 7

Nick Sullivan, Brant Hays, Sophia Drake

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the gaming world by storm as the fastest growing game of 2018. Fortnite is a 3rd person shooter where you battle 100 people on an island. So far there have been 6 seasons up to this point in the game but with season 7 there has been a lot of new in game features added to the game. The biggest and most important addition to the game being a new snowy section of the already huge map.

One new important feature in the game is the addition of creative mode. In creative mode you’re able to customize and make your very own island. You can also check out other people’s creations and islands. Another new addition is planes with which you can take battles to the skies as you fly around the map. The new plane can hold up to 4 people with 2 passengers and 2 players on the wings. Another new addition is the Infinity Blade which would be the first melee weapon added to the game but following fan complaints about the outrageous damage, it was removed from the game.

Along with season 7 weapons have been vaulted starting with shockwave grenades,the Double Barrel Shotgun, the Clinger, Chiller Traps, Port-a-Fort, Shadow Stones, and ending with the Six Shooter. The dual pistols will also be added back into the game with necessary tweaks. New tweaks have been added to the game with the balloons being reworked so that while they are equipped you are able to use weapons and items. Balloons have also been tweaked so that their capacity is now 20 instead of the previous 10. Another big tweak is the material cap being changed to 700 for wood, 500 for stone, and 300 for metal in the new pop up cup tournament. The resource rate has been changed to 40% Another big addition to the game is the addition of zip lines that has added a new way to get around the island but can be very laggy at times.

The new season 7 battle pass has brought us 4 new progressive skins with the names Lynx, Zenith, Ice King, and Sgt. Winter. The new non-progressive skins are Trog, Powder, Onesie. Along with the new skins that are listed, there are weapon skins, meaning when you pick up a weapon it’ll automatically have that skin. Old Christmas skins were even brought back to the item shop. The fan reaction was very… interesting. New players who didn’t have the skins when it came out the first time were happy to be getting an old skin. While players that have been on the game for a while were upset that this wasn’t something that was special to them anymore.

Fortnite has shaped society for the best and the worst. The new content of Season 7 was a huge surprise to the gaming community many people liked it and many people didn’t, there were good features and bad ones. But huge additions were made to the game to better it and provide for players of the game. Overall, these updates ultimately changed the game and it’s sure to be fun for longtime fans of Fortnite.

Did Smash Bros Ultimate Live up to the Hype?

By:Evan (Kevin) Waddell

The long awaited Super Smash Bros Ultimate is finally here. Super Smash Bros Ultimate was first announced in a teaser trailer on March 8th 2018, and later revealed to have every single character and most stages from all of the past Smash Bros titles. Smash Ultimate came out very recently on December 7th. There still remains one question, though. Does it live up to the hype? Personally, I think it did.


Smash Bros Ultimate has a roster of 69 playable characters as well as 7 echo fighters (Characters that look different from their base characters, but have similar attacks), this is even before the 5 confirmed dlc fighters, and Piranha Plant. Each of these fighters have their own unique moveset with a multitude of different attacks. Each of these fighters also have their own unique ‘Classic Mode’ where they face a different array of enemies. You could master every character, and still have things to do.


Smash Bros Ultimate has introduced a completely new concept to the gaming world. Spirits. Spirits are characters from other video games that could not make it into smash ultimate as fighters. There are a total of 1297 spirits in Smash Ultimate. The spirits have the possibility to be from virtually any game and be virtually any character. Every character has a special bonus that they give to the player. Smash Bros Ultimate has changed the game forever.

Smash Bros Ultimate has been out for such a short amount of time, but it has already been met with great reviews. It definitely lived up to the hype. From the diversity of the characters, to the over 1000 spirits, and much, much more. Smash Ultimate has set an example for every future game on what fans want. Smash Ultimate has definitely lived up to the hype.

Has Facebook Lost Its Edge?

By: Alexis Martin and Taliyah Holmes

Facebook has been around for many years, decades even, it is used by many young teens and adults around the world. Before instagram, there was facebook, before snapchat there was facebook and even before twitter there was facebook! Facebook has been the heart of the social media world for years, but has it lost its use of media?

“...But lately, my formerly hyperactive Facebook life has slowed to a crawl. I’ve found that most of my younger relatives have graduated from high school and have deleted their accounts or whittled them down until there is barely any personal information left. ...Is it just me, or is Facebook fading?” says Michael Gonchar.

I’m sure many people can relate to this alot! Facebook still may have more users, but instagram and snapchat are slowly rising up. As the years go by, Facebook is losing its active users. In the 8th grade honors class we took a poll on facebook or snapchat. Only 2 out of 29 students voted for facebook. Maybe it's the age? Maybe if we had taken a poll of teachers they may have said Facebook! We never know..but until then, has facebook lost its high vogue and popularity?


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