Biogeochemical cycle Destiny bumbrey

Water cycle

The water cycle is the journey of water that goes from land to the sky and back down again as it changes.

Chemical change: The water cycle is not a chemical change it is a physical change because it stays the same.Water cycle model

Water cycle model

pros and cons that humans can do different:

acid rain


less fertilizers

oils on drive ways

trash in lakes,ponds,and oceans

Carbon is a element of life that people,plants,and animals need on a daily basic to live


Carbons chemical reactions is photosynthesis and respiration

carbon cycle

pros and cons that humans can do different

people breath

have plants

fires,coal, and natural gases

less cutting down trees

Nitrogen cycle- the process in nitrogen that it's compounds are involved with living organisms and plants

Nitrogen cycle

The chemical reactions of nitrogen is DNA,RNA, and proteins

Pros and cons that humans can do

burn fossil fuel

increase the nutrition of plants

increase the amount of nitrogen that is being used or decrease


Greenhouse gases


Phosphorous is an important chemical for plants and animals and is created by water and living organisms.

Chemical reactions of phosphorous is phosphate and phosphorous P4O10 + H2O >H3PO4

humans can contribute things by the tropical rain forests and the use of the agricultural fertilizers

less fertilizers

Sources I used



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