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Anne Frank Biography

The Hidden Annex

Anne Frank and her family were forced into hiding into a hidden room section of the building owned by Otto Franks company, on a canal near Westernkerk. The annex was not visible from the street and barely visible from the back yard. The door to the annex was behind a bookshelf where no one knew about it accept the families that were living there.

Westerkerk Church

The Westerkerk Church was created between 1620 to 1630. The Curch was connected to the westeroren church. The Westerkerk Church was down the street from the Anne Frank Annex. Anne states that she could see the Church from the attic of the Annex and the hearing the carillon was comfort for her.

Nuremberg Law

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Im my opinion the Nuremberg Laws were just absolutely horrible. To me the Nuremberg laws just discussed me because they were just trying to take everything away from the Jewish people even their right to be a citizen. This was also a way to make people know who the Jews were witch was very mean. For the last thing is that they were trying to low there self of steam and point them out.


Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Propaganda is just a way for candidates to lie to people to make them follow them. Some of it is the truth but most is not and just funny, and mean things to make people think their right.


Victor KUgler

Victor Kugler was born on June 6th, 1900, in Hohenelbe. Victor Kugler went to school at a vocational school for weaving, after the school he went from job to job. He also was one of the the first of Ottos franks employees. Victor is also one of the few people that had known where the Franks were hiding and helped them hide there. But in the end Victor had been arrested in 1944 for harbouing Jews and was sent to Amersfoort. But he escaped the camp and hid out until the end of the war.

Otto Frank

Otto Frank was born on May 12, 1889, in Frankfort, Germany. Mr. Frank has two brothers Robert and Herbert with one sister Helene. Then his father Micheal has a family bank, the Franks are liberal Jews. Also when they went into hiding Mr. Frank was their leader and made all of the decisions.

Fritz Pfreffer

Fritz Pfeffer was born on April 30, 1889, in Giessen. His parents were both Jews and owned a clothing store. His family was ver religious and he remained that way all through his life. After high school he studied to be a doctor until he became one. He had one son named Werner that when he wanted to leave the country but couldn't sent his son away on a boat to England

Anne Frank

Anne Frank, Anne Franks full name is Annelies or Anneliese Marie Frank. She was born June 12, 1929. She passed away February or march of 1945. She was 15 when she died. Anne is the most talked about person in the Jewish history or holocaust.

Act 1 summary

Anne Frank act one starts when the war had ended and Mr. Frank is back at the Annex when he starts to read Anne Diary. The diary shows Anne and the others in the Annex and how they struggled to stay in the Annex. It is filled with drama and hard ships and how they had to stay quite for all day until the workers left. Finally they were celebrating and peter knocked down a chair and a burgler heard they all trembled in fear worrying what would happen.


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