Patrick Henry By:SofiA-My Jamestown and Williamsburg Trip

The instrument above is called The Ship Compass or The Box Compass (either one is fine). This was a certain type of compass specifically used for the ship, (acquiring the name "The Ship Compass")and would tell you the direction of the wind. It was also placed in a box, getting the name "The Box Compass."

This is a remodel of the ship "Susan Constant," which was the largest ship that had sailed to the New World. It was mostly made out of wood. It also contained ropes, a main deck, an underpart of the deck, which was where all of the people slept.

Today I passed by Peter Pelhams jailhouse. This was very unusual for me to do because Peter is a middle class, and I am a gentry. .

This is the main room in the jailhouse. This is where everybody comes together during the day. It also holds porcelain , and paintings. This was my favorite part of the jailhouse if I were to normally visit, because it is really open, and has a lot of interesting items. One item that I was particularly fond of was the porcelain. This is because on the porcelain was blue figures. It told a story, and I found that very interesting.

Today I also passed by the kitchen, which is where all of the... "Under people" worked. I never go here, but today, I just felt as if I should. In this kitchen, I noticed all of the ingredients, the spices, and the tools. The only things that I was able to buy was the food, obviously. I wouldn't buy the food, my servents would. Personally, I don't know how to order from here, that is another reason why my servent(s) would.

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