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Founder of Buddhism

The founder of Buddhism is Buddha Shakyamuni. He gave eighty-four thousand teachings , revealing many profound methods of spiritual training.

Buddhism Beliefs

  • Buddha isn't a God
  • You Shouldn't believe anything without thinking
  • The Afterlife depends on this life
  • Interconnectedness is the nature of reality
  • The Mind is neither physical, nor a by-product of purely physical processes, but a formless continuum that is a separate entity from the body.
  • Every action we perform leaves an imprint, or potential, on our very subtle mind , and each karmic potential eventually gives rise to its own effect.
  • Rebirth is solely in accordance with karma

Buddhism Texts

The Bible is Buddha's life lesson/teachings(it doesn't have a specific name). The Tripitaka, Mahayana Sutras and the Tibetan Book of the Dead are the three major noncanonical Buddhist texts.

Buddhism Impact

Buddhism promoted education and inspired literature, art, architecture and changes in Indian society. It rejected ritualism and the dominance of priests and encouraged equality.

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