Staying faithful 3 years with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera

Why The note 4?

Even 3 years later, this once flagship phone still has multiple factors that makes it still in some ways superior to phones that are bought today. The camera in particular, still holds its own in comparison to other flagship phones.

Buck's Lake, 2016

Highway 9, 2016

The glow from the sun is radiating with color, that gives the photo an enhanced vibrancy

Beach Boardwalk, 2015

Even with washed out colors, there is still a nice smooth image taken that does not become dry or dull.

Light The Night Walk, 2016

In a low light atmosphere, the Note 4 still retains different shades of colors that still pop. The colors aren't fading, but in fact are vivid.

The solid 16MP rear-facing camera is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization technology

Although it is not the best phone out anymore, I still love my Note 4 and will create more memories with it

Thank you

1. I believe the future of the web is going to evolve from a cloud it is now to a full on embodiment. What I mean by this is instead of us going to the internet, the internet will come to us in a fortitude of ways. I believe the biggest impact is going to come from the speech functionality that is currently being pushed in today's technology. Products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are already pioneers alone for the industry movement. Their whole system is built off speech recognition, and tending to your needs through voice. This is only the first step to a vision that many companies have for consumers. This vision, is a connected world.

2. As mentioned above, I believe the web will look less artificial and more personal as time goes on. More human-like responses to questions and searches. Companies will start to integrate Artificial Intelligence within their applications, and connect to the consumer like never before. Websites will start to act like cookies, that mold your own personality to websites that you see. Not only advertisements, but news stories, articles, and pictures that relate to you more than someone else. This is merely an assumption, but I cannot fathom that I am the only one guessing this.

3. I think we will access the web from the technology we are currently experimenting with currently. Products like the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and other virtual reality mediums are a whole world awaiting to be taken by the web. Instead of a simple scroll down website, you are IN the website. I cannot even start with all the concepts that are unique to VR. Utilizing full space unlike moving vertically, immersive experience if you are trying to sell a hotel room perhaps, in seat preview before buying sports tickets, etc. These are just a couple ideas that sprouted in my head in a minute, I would love to see how companies could use VR as a tool to expand the web experience.

4. Design is important to the future of the web because every design feature shapes the road the internet is heading down. Without variety, without customization, there would just be the same websites over and over again. There would be the same color schemes, same logotypes, same fonts, etc. It is healthy when we have billions of people contributing to the internet and keep it fresh. I don't think the internet will ever cease to exist, because there can never be enough on the web.


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Isaiah Souza

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