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Above: Job Application Letter

Textual Analysis on One "Make"

In my textual analysis, I analysed the make of “How to make a coffee-filter tree - Martha Stewart.” The target audience for this make are children / young teenagers. In this make, visual appeal is created by putting decorations around the room. The decoration used are suited to the theme of christmas.

The table is located in front of the presenter, this gives her easy access for the objects used during the demonstration. On the left side of the table, there are already finished examples of the final product and the reason for the presenter to put the examples of the finished trees is to give the audience an idea of what the final product looks like. (1)

In the whole process of the make, there is only one presenter and she takes on all the roles, the leading and demonstrator role. She is also dressed accordingly to the theme of the make - christmas (2). By breaking the fourth wall, she is speaking and connecting straight towards the viewers at home. During the make, she speaking only using a singular tone; she also did not use different paces of speech or different speeches. Although she spoke in a monotone, she used modern and conversational language. This is good because she could easily connect with different age groups, so instead of speaking normally she acts like she is actually speaking to somebody there, but in fact we know that it is actually a camera.

(3) In this example, whilst she is cutting the paper coffee filters, she says “you’ll need lots of these,” This is making a direct connection to the audience, encouraging to “join” her to make a coffee filter tree. Another instance of this happening, “you want the ruffles not the flat bits,” this again implies that you are doing the same as her.

(4,5,6,7 + Diagram ) Throughout the production of the make there are five camera shots / angles in total. To create visual variety the camera’s zoom in or out highlighting the thing she is either talking about or doing, this ensures that the audience knows what they are doing. The diagram shows how the make was set up - where the cameras were placed.

In the course of the production, there are four segments: the title, introduction demonstration and the conclusion. The title was there just to introduce the topic of Christmas and to shows the series of which the make was apart of (Martha Stewart’s countdown to christmas). The the introduction was used to give the audience information on what you can do with these trees and how you do it, the demonstration shows the viewers how it is made and finally the conclusion is used to conclude the whole make.

Top Left - Right: 1,2,3. // Middle Left - Right: 4,5,6. // Bottom Left - Right: 7, Diagram

Analysis on One TV Program

Chosen Programme: Elementary

What is Elementary? it is a show about a modern 21st century “Sherlock Holmes”. The first episode aired on 27th, September 2012, this was five years ago. Currently there isn't much distribution of the show, but in the past many short,brief advertisements that were shown on television which was promoting the show, the show was also broadcasted for two years on the Hong Kong television channel Pearl. The show was taken down because there were not many viewers watching after a year or so and also due to the lack of people who speak english.

Now, after the continuing rise of Netflix more people are setting up accounts to watch different series, including Elementary. This allows people to watch the show everywhere, any time, which links into the topic of developing media. With the introduction of the new BBC show Sherlock, these two shows are battling each other over the title of who is the better Sherlock Holmes. Many viewers have touched upon this controversial topic. Who is better? this comes down to opinion, and because of this huge spark of controversy, the news have come into play to give the opinions out to the public.

The Process

Above: Our Script.

Note: During the make we changed many parts of the script

Above: Photo of Crew During the Make
Above: Photo of Crew Setting Up the Equipment

STo guarantee that our programme reaches our intended audience, the first thing we would do is to post it on multiple streaming platforms and different forms of social media. If I were to post it on Facebook I can definitely assure that my friends will see the programme with my knowledge of how the 21st century works, I know that if they like what they see, they will share the video to their friends and this chain can keep on going. If we were to put it on an internal South Island School Channel, I know that only the younger students will watch it as it is sort of irrelevant to the teachers.

Notes / Planning

All in all, I enjoyed working on set, to experience how an actual cameraman would operate in a studio. I think that we did fantastic for our first programme. Overall this was definitely an experience of a lifetime, an experience worth remembering.

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