Helping You On Your Road To Success By: Kayla W

Welcome to our page our main purpose is to help you find and give you some resources we believe will help you during your college search. We hope you enjoy!

We know that being a student is your first priority and trying to find time to search for colleges in between classwork and sleep is hard and most students don't even know where to start, that's where we come in. Below we listed some sources that we've found really helpful and that are a great place to start your search. We also added information on navigating the sources and what these sources are most helpful for.

Before giving you resources for your college search here are a few thing you should think about looking into while trying to decide where you want to go

  • Size of college /class size
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Programs they offer
  • Finnancial aid
  • Admission rates/criteria
  • Graduation rate
  • Campus life
  • Quality of what you want to study

The first source we're going to begin with is Naviance.

Every high school student in AISD has an account in Naviance and though you may only use it for changing your classes, at Austin High our college and career center (located on the second floor) post a lot of very useful information on the site about what college events are happening when they're happening and where. Also in Naviance you can narrow your college search If you follow the steps below you can find colleges that are a good match for you.

  1. Log onto Naviance (The link above) make sure you put the right school( the one you attend) you might need the zip code
  2. When logged on look for the tab that's named "colleges" and click on it
  3. Scroll down until you see the link that says "college search" and click it
  4. After that answer the questions and it will narrow down your search

Naviance has plenty things that are very helpful so If you have no where to start take time out of your day and explore the website no only can you look for colleges but you can look for scholarships, figure out what career path you want to go on and many other things.

Here is a list of other thing Naviance can help you with:

Under the "colleges" tab

  • College search/match/lookup/compare/maps/resources
  • Scholarship match/list/applications
  • Based on the things above things specific to colleges your looking for

Under the "career" tab

  • Career clusters
  • Cluster finders
  • Intrest profiler

The next resource I want to give you is for if you know what you want to study and what kind of school you can go to:

This website is for those who know what they want but need helping finding it. If you already have a list of criteria (state you want to be in, tuition, class size ect. ) for the school you dream of attending this should help narrow your search.

When you go to this website you need to click on the spotlight tab and fill out what you can and a list of schools that fit your criteria will pop up and you can go through and see the pros and cons of each and make a list of your own of the schools you're interested in. After you find the schools go to trough them select one and press "go" then it will take you to a page filled with information on the school look and see if they really have what you want in a college, look at the cost and different factors of the school that will help you narrow your search.

Another great resource that we have is here at school. It's the college and career center! Accessible to anyone and everyone

It is located on the second floor in the chemistry wing. If you go in there Ms. Miller and Ms. Ownby will be glad to help you with anything your looking for they can set you on the right path. The link below will take you to the College and Career centers page on the Austin High website which will give you more information on what they provide and what events they put on here at the school. You should check it out there might be a lot of things you didn't know about.

Last piece of advice:

When you start finding colleges that stand out to you looking them up and going through their school website is really going to help you decide if you want to apply. Check out their student life and campus activities and even watch videos they post and you can better decide if you would fit at that particular campus.

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