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03/10/17: This week, I collected pieces of wood for the shelf I will be building. These pieces are not new, so I had to scrape excess glue and other material off it in order to reuse them. I then measured the edges of my wood to ensure that all the sides were even and that I had the correct dimensions that followed my sketch. Right now, I am working on collecting new plywood, so I can finish building of the shelf. Next week, I plan to put all of my wood pieces together using screws to complete my project.

03/17/17: This week I put my shelf together. I connected the pieces of wood together using metal brackets and screws. Right now, I am working on designs and ideas on how I would like to decorate my shelf. Next week I plan to paint and decorate my shelf to make it look nicer. I plan to finish the project by the end of next week.

03/31/17: This week I decided on how I would like to decorate my shelf; paint it with spray paint. I was extremely busy all week after school that I couldn't go buy some spray paint, so I will be starting to decorate my shelf next week. Right now, I am working to catch up with all my work. By the end of next week, I will be completely done with my shelf.

04/21/17: This week I started my second pathway. I brainstormed ideas that follow Repurpose, Reuse, and Up Cycle. I sketched a few ideas that I thought would work, and I found a final design that I liked the most, and sketched it with measurements. Right now, I am working on gathering the materials I will need for my project. Next week, I plan to finish collecting my supplies, and begin the building process.


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