Polar Bear BRadley burns

  • Polar bears are very big animals, they have white fur and are very heavy.
  • Habitat - They live in cold, snowy environments, more specifically Canada, Norway, Greenland Russia, and even Alaska.
  • Kingdom: Animal. Phylum: Chordate. Class: Mammal. Order: Carnivores. Family: Ursidae. Genus: Ursus. Species: U. maritimus.
Scary Polar bear!!
  • Polar bears first appeared about 150,000. They evolved from Brown Bears that were isolated by glaciers.

Morphological & Molecular Evidence

  • Brown bears are polar bears closest relatives.
Brown Bears walk on four legs are very big in both size and weight. Brown bears have a lot of thick fur.
Polar Bears walk on four legs are very big in both size and weight. Polar bears have a lot of thick fur.
  • It started out as one thing, but has no evolved into something else.

Homologous Structures

  • Polar bears have shoulder blades that are used to help the walk and move


Created with images by USFWS Headquarters - "Polar Bear Cubs" • Just chaos - "Polar Bear" • spencer77 - "Brown Bear (Ursos arctos), ZSL Whipsnade Zoo" • Gellinger - "polar bear tiergarten nuremberg"

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