Nita Patel "Alive, i'm more valuable than gold"


A song that represents Nita very well is "Lifestyles of the rich and famous" by Good Charlotte. This song represents Nita because she is rich and she is used to living a rich lifestyle rather than the one Nailer and Pima live which includes hunger and poverty.
Nita was found half dead on an abandoned clipper ship. Nailer and Pima saved her and now she must prove her worth that she is more than just a pretty face. Nita has tenacity and grit- it shows as she was able to stay alive on a ship when everybody else died. Nita is the child of the owner of the ship- breaking industry. She gets kidnapped by the adults to be used as a hostage for money from her father. Once again her grit shows and she manages to survive their bribes and tortures. She is able to adapt to her environment relatively quickly. This shows when she quickly puts her rich swanky self aside and begins to gut eels and beg in Orleans.
Today I experienced a miracle. I was half dead underneath my ship wrecks debris, waiting for death to find me. Miraculously, a boy and girl by the names of Pima and Nailer stumbled upon me. Thinking i was dead, the two began to cut my fingers off to use the gold rings on them for money, but luckily the boy noticed my eyes moving and stopped. They were debating on whether or not to kill me, the boy wanted me alive and the girl wanted my rings. In the end, They decided against it and here i am now. As you can see, I survived a miracle today.
Nita is very gritty and has tenacity. She is able to adapt very easily. Nita is very good at lying and making people do things for her. She is very manipulative. Nita is resourceful and mischievous. Her favorite things are her gold rings that she prides herself on and all the jewelry she owns including her diamond nose ring.


Created with images by Unsplash - "stranded ships wrecks" • tiffa130 - "diamonds" • Ervins Strauhmanis - "Money" • Michael PG - "Shipwreck" • Mauro Cateb - "Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds...."

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