#giveafriendalift Campaign Concept to Relieve Parking and congestion on the northern Beaches

The Problem

Residents are up in arms with traffic and parking a pain point for residents and players alike.

  • Insufficient parking spaces
  • Shuttle buses may help... but not enough
  • The only real solution is to reduce the number of cars coming to and from games and training.
  • 75% of Northern Beaches commuters travel by car with only 1 in every 14 cars having a passenger.
  • 25% of morning peak hour traffic is related to schools
  • Saturday sport creates major traffic, congestion and parking problems up and down the Northern Beaches


How Localift Can Help

Localift is all about the collaborative economy and sustainable transport, with friends helping friends by sharing free lifts to common activities and destinations. For the Northern Beaches a major issue is family traffic related to school, sport and commuting.

Lifts with people you know

Localift is a lift sharing App making it easy to manage and share the millions of free local lifts occurring every day between family, friends and colleagues.

Millions of lifts happen every week without an easy way of arranging them
  • Lifts to school and sport
  • Car pooling to work, school or college
  • Organising friends for shared taxi rides

Localift offers an application that makes it easy for parents to manage and share lifts to games and training with other parents and team mates. Residents download Localift and invite their friends and other parents to become "friends" in Localift - just as you would in any social network application. Once they have friends, users can create lift groups ensuring lift offers and requests are sent to the right people. All lifts are free - we are part of the sharing economy!

The Idea

What is required is a shift in behaviour and a tool that makes it easier to solve the problem. There is an opportunity to start the behaviour change with a fun campaign that has the community working together to solve a shared problem.

Parents and players who drive, need to be encouraged to #giveafriendalift and take cars off the road. If each parent shared a lift with one other parent and their child, the impact would be tremendous!

  • A Social Media driven competition run over a five week period
  • Focussed on the Northern Beaches - a collaboration between Northern Beaches Council, Manly Daily and Localift.
  • Localift will offer all Northern Beaches resident free Premium Membership til 31 December 2017.
  • Northern Beaches Council to promote the concept of Lift Sharing as a strategy to reduce parking and congestion and to promote the initiative.
  • Manly Daily to support the campaign via its online and print assets.

The competition

  • Residents join Localift
  • After joining Localift and creating a Lift Group users are eligible to register and submit a video of 90 secs or less with hashtag #giveafriendalift and #aasmartfuel to Facebook, Instagram, twitter or Pinterest
  • Videos are to have a carpool theme and can be karaoke, lip sync, drama, comedy, educational or entertaining.
  • Videos with greatest number of likes win weekly prizes of $1,000?? and the best overall at the end of 6 weeks wins $5,000??
  • Prize sponsored by Local Businesses - TBD

Social Media themes

Campaign publicised on the facebook pages of participating organisations and stories in The Manly Daily.

  • Week One - focus on netball
  • Week Two - focus on soccer
  • Week Three - focus on schools
  • Week Four - focus on rugby
  • Week Five - Round up "don't miss out"
Arranging who drives when is easy. All lifts are scheduled in Localift's calendar and notifications ensure you never forget a lift!

Terms and Conditions

( high level)

  • Download and join Localift
  • Create a lift group which has at least 3 members ( invite at least 2 friends to share lifts with and have at least 2 friends accept).
  • Register your entry on a web page (Localift to create) and include the unique code for the Lift Group you are entering
  • Post your video on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or Pinterest with the #giveafriendalift and #aasmartfuel
  • Video must not be more than 90 secs
  • Video must have a carpool/lift sharing theme.
  • Weekly winners will be those videos uploaded between 12am on the Monday and 11.59pm Sunday night of each week with the greatest number of likes.
  • Overall winner will be the video that receives the greatest number of likes over the entire competition period.

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