Burning Wildfires learn about burning wildfires and fun facts


Hi my project is wildfires I chose this topic because I like to help people and I like weather. I started my research, most of my research is in my brochures. Do you ever wonder about wildfires and how they are started?You will learn about prevention tips, ways that you can help to donate, and the history of wildfires! You will also learn about some fun facts so be ready for your mouth to drop in awe.


Wildfires might seem scary and dangerous, but once you know how to prevent them they don’t seem so scary. Most wildfires start when you are camping so these helpful tips could save your life when you are camping you should hose down your campfire and lever leave the fire by itself. Also someone should always be watching it or the campfire might spread. On the Fourth of July, fireworks are fun but they are also very dangerous. They are dangerous because when you set them off you don’t know if they are going to set off or not and then you might pack them up in your car and then they might set off in your car and hurt somebody. They could also catch fire to your car and then they might start a fire. That is also why you should be a professional when handling with fireworks. When you park your car depending what type it is, the exhaust can catch to a dry shrub (bush) or some weeds or dry plants it can catch fire then spread. Now you know how to prevent a wildfire these tips can be very handy and you might need them.

If you want to raise money for a charity or you just want the money to buy things here are a few examples how. You can make or sell things around the house and maybe fix them up a little then sell them. If you are a good baker and you want to bake some cookies, brownies, and maybe a nice pie why not have a bake sale. Sometimes people have antiques that you don’t want anymore you can have a garage sale. If you are a kid reading this you can do some school fundraisers. Your school could have a run, bake sale at school or painting after school! Maybe you can even do some school clubs. Some people have old furniture in their house that they don’t need and they don’t like, paint it and jazz it up a bit and then sell it.

This building is burning. One apartment caught fire and then other ones did. This is a domino effect.

Learning about wildfire’s past is interesting and fun if you want to learn about the past with some wildfires read on. In wildfires there are a lot of acres of land burned some even burn up to three million! We can help by donating money so then they can put out the wildfires earlier. So then not as many acres are burned. Wildfires can burn a lot of things for example trees, houses, barns, fields and more! Some town homes and most apartments can burn easily because they are close together and once one catches fire the one next to it will catch and it will be like a domino effect. Some wildfires start when you overcook something on stoves. They can also start when you leave the stove on while you are away. Wildfires kill many people and injure many more! The Chicago Fire burned for two whole days and killed an estimate of 300 people! One of the fires in California was visible from space and injured at least 150 people! Learning about the past with wildfires is exciting and shows how you can help.

I will use all of the money that I get to donate to a wildfire donation the donation will help people who were once affected by wildfires the money can also help them have a shelter for a while, it might not have what they used to have but they will still have coverage. The money can also help the damage that the fire caused on houses and apartments. Go spread your knowledge with the people around you!

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