Robert Carter: a man of futuristic righteousness By eshan mehere

Mr. Carter's large house (
A traverse board

A traverse board is made out of wood. The english used it to map out exactly where you were, while sailing in unknown territory. To explain, it has 5 pegs in the 16 main directions and you would use a compass rose to find out where you are. Then you log every 30 minutes, and using data from every hour you set a new course or keep the same course.

The Susan constant

Susan Constant was the fastest and largest ship that traveled to Jamestown in 1606-07. The ship had 3 floors and everyone had minimal space. 71 people were aboard Captain Newport's ship. Additionally, the cook and main sailor had their own quarters while everyone else had to share a bed with the 1-2 other individuals. The bottom decks were full of human waste, humans, and cargo. Those 4.5 years were grusome.

George Wythe's parlor
A child bedroom,

The house was owned by George Wythe. I would definitely visit his house because we are both Gentry class. One room we spend time in is the parlor. We really like it because it is used for musical events and we really like music. I am especially good at the violin, and I also love listening to people play it. He also has tremendous mugs and utensils which are labeled with things like "stop the stamp act". I find this extremely patriotic, and this is no surprise, as Mr. Wythe believes in the Patriot cause. He also had large paintings which further showed our status. I like people like that, as I am like that. However, I really like the beds in Mr. Wythe's house. They are beautiful because the material is smooth and nice and the structure of having something covering you in every direction provides for a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

A bedroom in Mr. Whyth's house

A silversmith is a very fine job. I would not personally visit this store, but rather have tons of goods delivered straight to my home. You can buy cups, dishes, utensils, jewelry, vases, and candlesticks. I would buy all of these, as they are very very high quality and since I am at the top of the hierarchy I will only purchase the cream of the crop. Although I haven't been inside, I am told that this shop smells sulphuric due to the coal. This must be a very musty smell. Additionally, I am told that different items that have already been created are on the walls and around the store. Apparently, there is a man creating something fresh with a fire burning at 2000 degrees F. I am grateful for everything that these silversmiths have done.

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