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There are many different ways people adapt to living in a desert region. People in the desert wear long thin clothes, that are light colors. The people do this to protect their skin from the hot sun but they wear light colors because they don't attract sun rays. Another adaptation is people tend to move towards oasis’ and cooler areas. They do this because water is very scarce and many kinds of plants and animals live near oasis’. Although the desert is one of the most dangerous places on earth people have found several ways to adapt.

Within supranational corporations there are often centrifugal forces that pull them apart. One centrifugal force is that in the EU there are over twenty languages spoken. At EU meetings because there are so many languages spoken the speeches have to be translated many times which makes it hard to communicate and it uses a lot of time. Some of the EU’s rules do not adapt to certain cultures. In the Czech Republic traditional foods are often cooked slowly and taste better the day after they're cooked. However, EU rules do not allow cooked food to be served after two hours. If the EU revised their rules the countries could be even more united.

Constitutional Monarchy is the most effective style of government. One reason is the citizens have an idol to look up to but there is separation of power so the citizens have rights and to avoid dictatorship. In England, they have a Constitutional Monarchy which is very efficient and all the citizens have rights but there are fair laws to keep everyone safe. Unlike an original Monarchy in a Constitutional Monarchy there is a parliament which spreads power so in court there is a fair vote. This is very similar to a democracy. Constitutional Monarchy is the best of both worlds because there's essentially two different types of governments. Constitutional Monarchy is the most suitable and efficient government

A good citizen takes RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and follows the LAW. The reason they do this is because they’re given FREEDOM, RIGHTS, and they’re even allowed to VOTE. Since they’re allowed to do all those things the government says if you do this, we’ll give you that



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