Disassembling a Camera By: Avery frank

First we took off the cover of the camera and saw the green pacific board inside the camera. The board was still electrical so we had to touch the wires coming out of the board with are screw driver to disable the board so no one got electricuted.

Once we had disabled the pacific bored we took the board out of the camera, and this is what it looked like. Next we took the back of the camera off.

Once the back of the camera had come off the film of the camera was showing. Now that the film was visible too light it was no longer useful. We took the film out of the camera and unrolled it.

As you can see, next we removed all of the little things from the camera including the spring, the lens, the wheel and more.

This is what the camera had looked like once we had finished taking it apart and here are all the parts lined up that we had taken out of the camera


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