Telephones by Reece Jensen

In 1879 the telephones then had a moth pies. well we need a moth pies to talk back then.Next we have the ear pies. we need to hear the other people. After that we need a handle. we need a handle to hold the phone. Those are some interesting facts about 1879.

Next we have the 1930 phones.They are very popular. Because they are special to a lot of people. They are made out of wood. wow that is a cool fact. You spin a dial.They didn't have a phone like us. Those are some interesting facts about 1930 phones.

Last we have the 2002 phones. You can now text. wow you can text! Now we have games. we have games Because we have a screen to play on. Last we have google. Wow so cool! those are some cool facts about 2002 phones!

Thank you for reading. The End!!


Created with images by lorenkerns - "Old phone" • H.L.I.T. - "Telephone" • DaveBleasdale - "red01" • MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito) - "Pioneer DP-212 (1998) 2 - Smart phone in the early years." • diego_torres - "land's end cornwall ocean"

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