Should Native American be used as mascots? Taylor McNeil

I do think that teams and schools should be allowed to use Native Americans as mascots.

I think they should keep the mascots because it honors their presence and the hard times they went through. For example in the article Insult or Honor, James Billies says " They honor us." This quote supports my claim because it is not insulting the Natives it is remembering them. It also shows that most Natives are offensive towards the mascots.

They don't have to change it since most seem to be bother by the mascots

Natives are part of United States history that is why they should be allowed to keep the logos, since it shows we are are including them in our history. From the article Tribe wants town to keep Native Americans on its logo, " Would including a picture be insulting or true to history." Another quote from that article, "History is history ." These quotes support that these mascots are history , you can't change that. These logos shows that they exist.

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