Sailing The World Causes and effects The British sailed the world in order to get to Asia.

They sailed the world for the Spices: that were worth a fortune and could have money to last you for life. Money: the amount of money that you could get from a ship full of spices would be enough for life. New Land: the new lands they could find had lots of new foods animals and natives. Some effects that hit them were, Better Food Taste: with the expensive spices, the food tasted better than ever, and also used to make medicine. Monopoly: The person who had the more money becomes the top seller of all and any treasure, etc. New Slaves: The natives that they meet were forced to be slaves and work for large amounts of time to make a bigger village.

Age Of Exploration: After the British sailed the to Asia and America they decided to continue to find new island and territories.

Some reasons that they continued their explorations were for Colonization: They went to new island or unknown areas to colonize and take over and call it their own home. Trade: They wanted to find new exciting things that others for money or things they want in trade for the new things that they found. Slaves: They needed slaves in order to help build a civilization. Some things that effected them were New Villages: with the slave they had they were able to create some new places of civilization. Triangular Trade: With these new places of people they had a system called the triangular trade which was where three continents would trade with each other. Labor: They legally forced the natives to work for them british to build new places.

A young man who had a idea to get to Asia faster. and a quicker way to bring home the spices with less casualties.

Reasons why Columbus wanted to sail was The Spices: He wanted to get more spices while having a faster route. Money: He also wanted a lot of money for himself so he can get rich and have money or life. Fame: He wanted to be famous for finding a new faster way to get to Asia. But he did not expect to sail to a new area. He found the New World: He found "America" but he thought that he was on "Asia''. New Nation: He meet new natives, but him thinking that these were the "Indians". Fame: he got to be famous anyway to be the first British man to find ''America''.

Work Cited: My History Notebook.

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