Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by manuel Ruiz

I found this exhibit very appealing because it shows these prehistoric animals in their natural habitat. This exhibit captured my attention because of the variety of different fossils in this exhibit, I also found it interesting because all of these animals look like animals that we have around now. I might not have been able to understand the scale of these animals, because while a photograph can establish that these animals were quite large, but actually seeing their fossils in person shows just how large they actually were. I enjoyed the museum because I haven't really fully been able to appreciate science/ wildlife and going to this museum made me stop and appreciate nature.

During the nature walk I definitely experienced what Leopold recommends. This picture truly made me appreiate nature because there was so much diversity with just one type of insect, it truly blew me away because it made me realize just how awe-inspiring nature is. I felt small when going through the NLMNH because I realized just how vast nature is, and how short human kind's existence on this planet is, I felt as though others that were there also felt this feeling of bewilderment seeing all of these animals that no longer exist. My time at the NLMNH, made me feel like it was my duty to preserve nature and the environment so that generates that come after me can enjoy nature as much as I have

The NLMNH really helped me step out of my ordinary life and look at the past and realize that there is more to the planet then just human beings, there has been life before us and there will be life after us. This placement is the timeline of life is truly humbling and makes us realize how small we are, and we should value our time on earth, and we should do our best to try and understand the universe given our small amount of time here.

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