Texas after Reconstruction Chapter 19 Section 4

1. Of the 90 delegates that were chosen, only 15 were Republicans.

2. Many spending proposals had to be approved by Texas voters.

3. In addition to writing a new constitution, the Democrats immediately began to reverse the policies of the Davis administration.

4. Democrats continued to limit taxes and government spending, including education spending, including education spending.

5. Before 1897, at least one African American served in every Texas legislature but one.

6. Redeemers- Democrats that wanted to restore, the South to its prewar days.

7. Segregation- the forced separation of people of different races.

8. Jim Crow laws- Laws that made segregation happen.

9. Tenant farmers- people who rent land to grow crops.

10. Sharecropper- farmers who lacked land and necessary supplies, promised a larger part of the crop in return for these items.

The end


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