Travel Writing

1. What type of text is it? What is its title? Website address?

1.Text type:Travel writing

2.Title: Travel in Guangxi

3.Website address:

2. Who are the primary and secondary target audience?(age, gender, ethnicity, interests etc.)

1.Primary target: write to those lovers who like traveling. Especially for those who want to travel to Guangxi.

2.Secondary target: those who like to read travels in the target group.

3. What are the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

1.Primary purpose: the main purpose of the author's Travels is to show the audience the local conditions and customs, geological and landforms, famous sights and long histories of Guangxi, and also express the author's feelings about this trip.

2.Secondary purposes: in fact, this is a tour guide, mainly introduced the customs of Guangxi to those who like to read the tourism essays, readers.

4. What are contextual aspects of the text important?(year, location, political background, economic background, social factors etc.)

Year: In the introduction of Guangxi long history, the need to use the year information.

For example, Since the late Paleolithic Age forty or fifty thousand years ago, there had been "Liujiang people" and "Qilin Mountain people" laboring and living here. During the time of the Warring States, Lingnan was known as the land of Baiyue and Guangxi was a part of Baiyue. In 214 BC, the Qin Emperor unified Baiyue and established Guilin county, Nanhai county, and Xiang county, of which Guilin county and Xiang county included most areas of Guangxi. Therefore Guangxi acquired the name of "Gui". At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, most areas of Guangxi belonged to the West Guangnan Road, which was later called Guangxi Road for short. That is the origin of the name of "Guangxi". This is the description of time, which can increase the authenticity of the text. At the same time, the text refers to the Qin Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty related historical facts, such a specific historical facts can deepen the reader's influence.

Political background: In terms of politics, tourism is one of the government's development projects, and if the government can well develop and publicize it, it can be well recognized by the public. Therefore, the guidance of the policy has a certain impact on tourism.

Economic background: Tourism needs the support of funds, for the vast number of people who love tourism, it belongs to the spiritual level of consumption, so the economy still has to play a certain role.

Social factors: Social factors are also important to travel, if the people of a scenic spot is not high quality, will make the visitor on Weibo write some negative comments, make the area of reputation decline.

5. What important language/linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?-register(colloquial, formal, semi-formal, slang), taboo language, emotive language, vague language, jargon, figurative diction, descriptive diction, direct comments, specific details and examples, humour, euphemisms, bias sensationalism, satire, irony,choice of lexis/diction, discourse markers,propaganda, rhetoric etc.

Travel writing is mainly used in formal and semi-formal languages. For example, in describing Guangxi long history, use the official language to describe.

Emotional language: In the travel strategy, there will be emotional language description, in particular, the following material is an expression of emotion.

It is thus very satisfying to assert that having rummaged about in all of Guangxi's 14 Prefecture-level Cities and indeed the underlying 56 counties which constitute the veins of this eternal body, that there is more to this vast destination than meets the eye, whether it be strolling through one of the many Ancient Towns, taking part in one of the many white knuckle rides (with special mention to Hezhou's Gu Po Shan's White Water Rafting) or enjoying a weekend in South East Asia's most liveable city Nanning.

Specific details and examples: In this tour guide there are many details of the description. For example, the description of Guangxi transportation, forest, vegetation, and fruits is very detailed. Increase the authenticity and validity of the Raiders.

Descriptive diction: This tour guide, there are many specific descriptions of the examples in the text, such as in the description of the Qin Dynasty in the excavation of the canal, Zhuang nationality Customs description.

Propaganda: Travel strategy is more like a propaganda material, for this text, seems to be a commentary on the customs of Guangxi, in fact, more like a tourist propaganda articles in Guangxi.

6. Is phonology important?(the sound of language, think onomatopoeia)

No. Phonology is not important to travel strategy. because travel strategy does not need to be read and recited, the introduction is a tourist guide. for tourists, it is a kind of text material. Thus, the phonology is unimportant.

7. Is syntax important? (sentence length, sentence construction, punctuation)

Important: syntax is still important to travel strategy. Because they are eager to read a quick introduction to the people traveling, not open slightly wording, this is not their original purpose. They just want to be able to get useful information in a shorter period of time. So sentences cannot be too long, and a sentence punctuation cannot be too much. This can make the Raiders simple and understandable.

8. Is grammar important? (verb tenses, use of pronouns, the structure of the sentences)

Yes, grammar should not confuse the meaning of the content. It should be simple and clear, and should not interfere with the study of the content by creating additional work for the reader to try and understand.

9. What about pragmatics? (the underlying meaning, the author’s agenda)

Pragmatics is important for travel strategies. Because the authors of the guides need an objective and impartial evaluation mechanism, it is not a deliberate guiding text. The readers of this travel strategy may be people in different countries and languages, and cannot be misunderstood by pragmatics.

10. Is typography important? Why?(a text’s layout, presentation, use of paragraphs, lists, ‘bullets’, font choices, underlining, italics, white space, color etc.)

Important: typography is also important for the travel strategy because the travel strategy needs to have its own sequence of choreography. This article is very clear in typesetting. For example, the article divides into the population, the traffic, the terrain and the history many parts to describe. This is a great convenience for readers to read This allows readers to have a clear understanding of the travel strategy. At the same time can directly find the part of interest, easy to read.

11. Visual images, charts, and graphics?

For a tour guide, visual images, charts, and graphics also have an important role. Because this visual images, charts, and graphics can be more intuitive to reflect the scenic spots, geological landforms. This visual images, charts and graphics information is useful for readers. But for this article, these visual images, charts, and graphics are unimportant. Because the authors did not relate to these things at all. The author mainly uses words to express the contents of the desired expression.

12. Other striking features? Tone? Style? Theme? Etc.

In the language style, the travel writing emphasizes true and effective.

On the structure of the text in the travel writing stress and before and after the same theme.

The subject of the travel writing should be clear, the language should be concise, only in this way can guarantee the objective truth of the travel writing.

The tone is important for travel guidance. If the tone and style are too rigid, it will not attract readers.

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