Project: Branding & Product Design Photography Benjamin Whitaker

This is the ad for The Treehouse Spray. The Treehouse Spray is a highly concentrated chemical formula that will eliminate any and all stains, especially in kids' clothes, while keeping the original color and quality of the shirt. Spray on clothing once or twice, let it sit for ten minutes, wash it, and voila! Good as new! The Treehouse Spray can be bought in store, address is 1324 Main Street Teague, TX 75860, ordered online at, or over the phone, just call (903) 654-9515 to talk to a salesperson. Each 24 oz. bottle costs $25.00. Bottle has at least 125 sprays.

This is the logo for The Treehouse Spray. It will be featured on the label of the bottles. The logo features the title of the product above the image of the treehouse, and our slogan, "Kids will be kids," below it.

I want this company to portray easy, happy children. I want the buyers to feel safe with this product and trust it to do its job. This product truly will make their life easier and save them money on clothes for their kids. This company is all about kids and want them to be able to have fun and get dirty, but then also not be in trouble when their parents find out. With this product, dirt, sweat, mud, food, and drink are not a problem. The Treehouse Spray can get rid of any stain.

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