Trace Back The Steps learn how the fastest game on two feet came to America

Have you ever wondered how lacrosse became such a fast and popular sport? Well as a lacrosse player, I always wonder how it became popular and who created it. People of all ages play lacrosse yearly but nobody really takes the time to think about how it came to the United States Of America. The game has changed tremendously from when the Native American Tribes played it for fun!

Gods Of Lacrosse

Many people started playing lacrosse in the 1700s. Thomas Vennum Jr, from The History Of Lacrosse articles, says that both, the Sauk Indian Tribe and Ojibway Indian Tribes created lacrosse. Later on, many Native Americans started to play it. They played lacrosse all the time and it became really popular in different parts of Canada. Also, some other tribes started playing at Fort Michilimackinac, in Michigan. Many native Americans played it to settle territory arguments with other tribes. Other names of indian tribes that played lacrosse in the 1700s were the Iroquois, Cherokee, Oneida and the Mowhawk tribes.

Evolution Overtime

Lacrosse has grown from a slow, not so popular sport, to a game that is now considered the fastest game on two feet. Hundreds of people used to play at once and now only twenty two people do. The sticks also have changed. The sticks were usually made out of wood and they were incredibly heavy. Sometimes the tribes used the sticks to hurt or kill people and to train young warriors for combat. Also the tribes played on fields that were miles long, but now the fields range around eighty to one hundred yards long. Nowadays, the goals are no longer trees or rocks, instead they are a standard metal goal. Today, men have padding and helmets to protect themselves and women have goggles and mouth guards. In the 1700s they did not have that.

How lacrosse was played

The Native American tribes played lacrosse very different from how we play it now. The Native Americans sticks used to be about four feet long and were made out of rounded out wood. The games could last up to three days. “The ball itself was made from either carved, rounded wood or from deer hide stuffed with deer hair, while the nets attached to the sticks were produced with deer sinew and issue.” -Garcia from Explora.

Lax to the Max

Nowadays, Lacrosse is a very popular sport for girls and boys ages eight to twenty. It is the fastest sport in America, and the game has grown tremendously. Lacrosse used to only be a sport for men, but now women play it. Everyday more and more people start to play it and everyday the rules are changing. Lots of young lacrosse players don’t think about how lacrosse came to America, and the details behind it.


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