The Harn The experience

This is my journey through the Harn Museum; a journey in which I discover the new aspects of life and rediscover aspects that I have long forgotten.

The architectures of the Harn Museum beckons beauty from the outside in. From the outside, the museum presents a facade that connotes with both modernistic and simplistic designs. The usage of greens blend beautifully with the mellow concrete and dark irons; furthermore, the cross walk leading into the Harn Museum seems to signify the beginning of a new journey.

Within the Harn Museum is a stylish simplistic that efficiently utilize both light and space. The open space within the museum combined with the large panels of glass allows more natural sunlight to reach most corners of the museum. There really was no need for my eyes to adjust from the outside environment as I walked through the doors of the Harn Museum. As somebody who does not frequent many museums, I did not feel alarmed by the architectural style of the Harn Museum. Rather than many elaborated setups, the simplistic style of the Harn Museum allowed me to slowly take in and appreciate the art works around me.

The Asian exhibits wing of the Harn Museum is the most compelling part of the entire museum for me. Th wooden window panels show an attractive garden that can be attributed to cultures of Japan and Korea. The neat and orderly arrangement of the window panels makes the scenery seems like a still photograph from a camera. Looking out through those panels, my feelings were at rest for the scenery beyond seems like a mirror into my own culture. I was reminded of the zen gardens my grandmother used to take care of when I was a child. My mind was flooded with memories of the past and for an instant I felt that I was not really at the Harn Museum. Truly this section of the Harn Museum was breath taking.

The above image is the Orange and Gray Closed-Form Vessel made by Toshiko Takaezu in the 1990s. The oval shape of the vessel combined with the dripping white glazes remind me of the journey of life. In life, there are many paths to take, and just like the white glazes, humans all start from the same pool but our paths are all different. The concentric rings that travel up and down the vessel parallels with the concentric rings of a tree trunk. Just as the concentric rings within a tree, the concentric rings on the vessels speak of age and more importantly wisdom. The trailing white glazes and the concentric rings on the vessel depict a journey along the river of life, a river that flows with accordance to time. By viewing this vessel in person, I was able to calmly observe its simplistic yet intrinsic patterns in person rather than through the screen of my laptop. Altogether, the close up observation of the vessel helps me better understand the meaning associated with such object as translated by its creator.

Sheep Wranglers by Justine Kurland is a photograph that defines my two most important core values. The pastoral setting of the photograph connotes with the vast freedom of the world. The freedom to act and to think is are important to me as food and water. I too have a vast plain which I wish to explore. The students within the photograph appears to be enjoying the beautiful scenery together, and their actions symbolize my second core value: friendship. I firmly believe that the world is too vast to explore alone. Without friends and family, I would have no one to share my experiences with.

Furthermore, Sheep Wranglers exemplifies the celebration of a good life. Like the religious holiday Sabbath, the scenery within the Sheep Wranglers speak of a joyful celebration of youth, a youth not burdened by the reality of grown-up life. My wish to relax and get away from the heavy workload associated with studying to become an engineer has always taken me to a field of freedom within my mind; and photographs such as the Sheep Wranglers turn my thoughts into a reality; there really is a field where I can lie down, weightless and boundless of societal expectations. There really is a place for me to settle down, a place for everybody to settle down.

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